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I have the first gen iPad 3G 16G, yesterday after I checked the map and turned the screen off and was on my way. But later that night when I tried to turn it on I know the iPad was on but screen was blank and I can see the backlight. I know the iPad is working cause when I try to turn off the iPad and slide the power off but with just imaging it on screen it shows blue 1cm line on the top of the screen and the wait gif is showed in the middle of the screen and then it gets turned off.


I already tried Home+Sleep restart method, soft restore, hard restore and everything imaginable; did this happen to anyone else here.  The closes apple store is quite far away so I can’t go till Wednesday; I wanted to try everything lese possible before I take it back

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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It sounds like you just done "resets" and not a "restore"--by reinstalling your firmware via iTunes. If that does not work, you most likely have a hardware issue.


Basic troubleshooting steps  






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