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A headphone jack has snapped of inside of my iPad to and the end has gotten stuck inside the hole, if I take it to an apple store will they get it out for me?



iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    Unless someone who has experienced that can answer here I would say it's rather difficult to say without seeing it up close.


    I would imagine that they have some tools handy that can do strange things.   I would certainly take it in and see what happens.


    In case they want to swap it, make sure you back up the machine in iTunes first.  Take the broken ear phones in too, you never know, they might feel generous and replace those too.



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    hi you are in luck.. i found the perfect way to do it!


    No Risk!


    What you will need:

    - Five 0.5mm drill bits (easily available from eBay, I got a pack of 10 for $3)

    - nothing else!


    How to do it:

    - Place the swirly side of the drill bits inside the pit in headphone jack's head stuck inside your socket (in iPad, Pod, phone or whatever) (I mean in the dead centre of the think stuck inside your socket)

    - Four will fit quite easily; put the fifth one in and you will feel resistance, push it in with whatever way you fancy, i just stroked it in with my car keys and all five fit easily in the headphone's pit

    - Now you can feel the five drill bits are tightly holding together (and they are holding the jack's head tight )

    - Push it out!! Can describe the feeling when I saw the head stuck on the drill bits after reading crazy solution on the internet for 6 weeks.. didnt wnat to risk with the glue option.


    I have the drill bits with me now, not any use for me... if you are in Sydney, you can collect them from me...


    BTW I tried searchingfor 0.5mm in Bunnings etc.... no luck... had to go eBay and took four weeks to arrive .


    Good Luck..

    Cant believe it was so simple....!!!