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How Do Correct Error 1202

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    I will share my experience today, and hopefully this will assist you.  I had lost a flash drive that I had all of my itunes purchases on it.  When I went to the apple support page it told me about the new option of finding all your purchases and downloading them again.  When I read the fine print it indicated that it was only useable for the e-mail address that you had used for a download.  I proceeded and got the 1202 error.  I then followed some of the recommendations made by others on this site.


    All of a sudden I remember about the e-mail address issue and realized that I had switched from yahoo to gmail about a year ago.  The downloads were done under the old e-mail.  I actually had closed the yahoo account out completely.  I decided to try to reopen it, and was lucky that the old address was available.  I am sure this is because I had completely closed the Yahoo account down.


    Once I reopened the account I then went to my Itunes, and went through the procedure to change my e-mail back to the old one.  Once I did that and tried to look for the old purchases they were all there, and I was able to download them once again.


    Once I have them backuped on my computer.  I am then going to change my address back to gmail, and combine the library's since I have other items downloaded under my gmail address.


    Hope this is helpful to you.

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    i did what babs did also and the error was still popping up!!!! then i started going over everything on my computer and after a day and a half and a couple of packs of smokes later and me about to through my laptop out the 2nd story window i CHECKED the DATE and TIme on my computer it was set to jan 2020. so once i changed it to the correct date  and time it started to work.  Apple tech support ***** they were way off with their "Fix it " crap!! but anyways i don't ge tthe error anymore...................good luck

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    Apple you suck, terrible customer service is your product too complicated for you?


    Fortunately, I finally found a solution:

    1. Make sure iTunes isn't running.

    2. Click Start, type regedit, then press Enter.

    3. Navigate to this Registry location: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

    4. Look in the main pane for a key that refers to iTunes. If you find one, delete it, then exit the Registry.

    5. Start iTunes. The offending message should be gone!

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    I can't believe I'm still working on this problem.  I've been trying to fix this for 2 months!


    I've tried everything - and I mean everything - I've found on this problem.  I'm so tired of this. 

    I haven't ever bootlegged music, but I'm starting to understand why people do it.  Maybe if they didn't get an error code every time they tried to obey the law, there would be a lot less stolen music. 


    Yes, my date and time are correct.

    Yes, I tried turning off my firewall.

    Yes, I tried going into my internet settings and accepting everything I was supposed to accept.

    Yes, I tried the regedit suggestion above.

    Yes, I tried updating my Microsoft trusted root certificates.

    Yes, I've restarted the computer many, many times.

    No, I haven't changed my email address.


    Any NEW suggestions?  Anybody?   

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    I have the exact same problem aswell, has been like this for 2 months, it worked twice last week and now i have no way of creating new accounts for the schools ipads as this error code pops up when clicking continue when trying to review billing information, along with when clicking redeem code from a gift card.


    one thing im not sure if you have tried this judy is to run command prompt (windows key + R) type in "cmd" when the black box appears type in "ipconfig /flushdns" Enter key. Then restart, i am assuming you have already tried this due to this statement.

    judy256 wrote:


    Yes, I've restarted the computer many, many times.

    This may help, if not the only other suggestion/inquiry is if you are running a proxy server at a business like myself ask your system administrator to white list these sites, if your itunes is still not working the last thing i can suggest is adding these to your trusted sites in internet options unticking "requires server verification" and if all else fails use a Tunneling program to bypass the proxy, check with your administration before doing this as it is most likely going to breach some sort of code of conduct and/or terms of use.









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    Thank you very much!

    I will try your suggestions.

    Honestly, I'd given up.  I just decided that there was no fixing it - I'd have to live with it and never buy any music from iTunes again.  I'll definitely give your suggestions a try, though.

    I'll report back as soon as I can!


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    I finally worked it out, Install Pingfu Iris this lasts for 3 days, basically install it set up an account connect using the standard proxy settings go into internet options change your proxy setting to localhost/ port:2020 open itunes and click redeem allowing you to get past the errors, if it says you need to contact apple support to complete this transaction change your proxy setting back to default and push next without closing itunes, this will allow you to get to the billing and payment information screen using the internet USA tunnel then using the Australian internet connection to complete the purchase, only problem with this is after the 3 days is up and you still need to set up more accounts you need to re-image the computer or use another to activate gift cards as the program only allows one install per computer(os)


    I am so glad i have finally worked out exactly the right process to activate accounts so i can legally install apps onto my School's Ipads, i can see why alot of people just set up one account and sync all 40+ ipads as it only requires doing this once. Doing that though is completely against ToU ToS and Copywrite all together and you may be fined per app per ipad X amount of $$$


    I cant thank apple support for any of my findings as they where no help at all.

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    If you have tried the usual things like, setting the date and time etc. Try going to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/822798

    Scroll way down the page to the icon that indicates  "Fix it for Me", little guy with a wrench. Download the fix.


    I tried EVERYTHING listed in the community forum with no luck - this worked. Have to say I am disappointed in Apple for not having a single coherent point for fixing this problem as it seems there are a number of us with the issue. The official Apple web site doesn't even list the -1202 error message! Hope it works for you.

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    I did change the incorrect date and it did resolve my issue of receiving error 1202.  Thanks for your input regarding this inquiry.

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    Thank you for the recommendation about the time and date setting on my computer.  I have had trouble with this error 1202 for a couple months and couldn't figure out why.  I changed the time and date on my computer and iTunes came up right away.  Thanks again!!