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I bought my ipad last Christmas and have been happily buying Apps etc through the direct wifi connection.


However I was trying to sync work videos through itunes when I hit a snag. I connected to my main computer (laptop) and got the following message.


"ipad is synced with another itunes library"


I didnt even realise I had synced the machine with any library before however I have one CD Album and 3 pod casts on the ipad (which I have no recall putting it on) so I guess it must have been synced at some point.


Note: (this may help someone who knows itunes better) The three podcasts are on my laptop under: C:\Users\Scott\Music\Podcasts - and I do remember downloading these through itunes which makes me think that this machine was the one I synced before. However I may have formatted the hard drive inbetween and copied these files over.


To add to my confusion I have 2 other PC's which I could have used. 1 however currentlly does not have itunes installed and the other one also says that it is synced with another itunes.


I think I may have copied files from a past itunes folder over the current folder on my main machine. Could this have deleted the "sync data"?



1. Can you tell from the ipad what computer it was synced with (any identifiers) - can you find any info on the pairing anywhere?

2. If you go for the erase and sync option (will this erase the apps bought?)

3. If I did find that I had synced with a random computer and wanted to change the itunes account to my laptop and then "re sync" the account, would I loose my saved progress/settings in apps I have currently?



End Goal: I need to have the ipad synced with my laptop. I dont care about the songs in the ipad (or data in the itunes on pc) but I dont want to loose the purchased apps and the saved game information etc. Any suggestions?







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    Update: I bought the IPAD in Dec and (from computer software install dates) I did a OS reinstall in March. This means the actuall synced account no longer exists (just data from it)


    I dont want to sync with the pc if I will loose saved data on the apps. Some of them are mid projects and I would loose hours of work. I also have some saved games which i dont want to loose progress.


    will the sync loose saved game data? Is it a "re-format?"

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    If you want to use your laptop as the one and only computer to which you will sync your iPad, this should work for you. This is copied from a thread where a user had his computer crash on him and he wanted to transfer all of his iPad content to his new computer - which is what you want to do - correct?


    The words in italics are the OP's. The non italics are my notes. The keys to this are to turn off auto syncing - step 1. Then transfer purchases next and then backup - ALL PRIOR TO SYNCING!


    1) Without connecting your iPad to your laptop, start iTunes. Click on Edit. Click on Preferences. Click on Devices. Check the box next to "Prevent your iPod etc. from automatically syncing." Click OK.


    2) Now connect your iPad to your laptop and start iTunes.


    3) When iTunes starts, right click on your iPad under Devices in the left column. Select Transfer purchases etc.


    4) After it finishes transferring all your apps to your new laptop, right click on your iPad and select Backup your iPad.


    5) After it finishes backing up your iPad, right click on your iPad and select Restore. The poster did not specifically state this but you want to restore from the backup that you just created, that is where your iPad's current data should be.


    6) After it finishes restoring, left click on your iPad , then click on the Apps tab on top, and check the box next to Sync Apps, then click on Apply below. Make sure that you have all of the apps selected in the iTunes library on the right make sure there is a checkmark next to the names of the apps.


    If everything on your iPad looks good after the sync, go back and click on Edit / Preferences / Devices and UN-check the box next to Prevent your iPod etc. The only other thing you may want to check is if your contacts, bookmarks, etc. are syncing correctly now. If not, go to the Info tab after connecting and make sure you indicate which features you want to sync with what sources.


    When you transfer purchases - it should transfer your purchased music content as well. You can always download purchased songs again for free if your are in the U.S. All apps can be downloaded again at no charge as long as you use the same Apple ID to re-download that you used to purchase originally.


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    Connect your iPad to your current Laptop / PC, open iTunes, go to file and click transfer purchases from iPad. All your purchases on your iPad will be transferred to your PC. You can recover all your songs stored on previous Laptops / PC under Itunes by burning to disc and uploading to your current PC/ laptop.

    Regards Ausqld

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    Thanks Demo,


    U are correct. I want my laptop as the one and only. It was the one and only but just formatted. I only synced once before format and forgot about it.


    Trying to follow the logic of the steps


    Step 3) Transfer all App - make sense but I assume no saved user data

    Step 4) Back up - I assume a full back up? (including saved data) - sounds good step.

    Step 5) Restore - This stumped me as to why at this point you back up and ipad should be the same?


    If you do a back up I assume you can do a full restore if it messes up?


    Demo the main concern is saved data.. The apps and music can be sorted.. The saved data is "days" or work and play.

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    Ausqld - I am assuming the transfer only does the main program - not the saved data.

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    If you follow the advice from Demo you will not loose the data. It so important to transfer your purchases to your PC/ Laptop ASAP.  Beware in the future any data you have recorded to an APP like road trip Le or password will be lost if sync without ticking check box next to the APP.

    Regards ausqld

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    If you backup - yes you can restore from the backup if you mess something up when you sync. The backup is what you are really concerned with since that is where your data is contained and saved.Read this support article. This is all of the info contained in the backup in this list copied from the site.

    Information iTunes will back up

    • Safari bookmarks, cookies, history, and currently open pages.
    • Map bookmarks, recent searches, and the current location displayed in Maps.
    • Application settings, preferences, and data.
    • Contacts.
    • Calendars.
    • CalDAV and subscribed calendar accounts.
    • YouTube favorites.
    • Wallpapers.
    • Notes.
    • Mail accounts.
    • Autocorrect dictionaries.
    • Camera Roll.
    • Home screen layout and web clips.
    • Network settings (saved Wi-Fi hotspots, VPN settings, network preferences).
    • Paired Bluetooth devices (which can only be used if restored to the same iPad that did the backup).
    • Keychain (This includes email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords you enter into websites and some other applications. The keychain can only be restored from backup to the same iPad. If you are restoring to a new device, you will need to fill in these passwords again.)
    • Managed Configurations/Profiles.
    • MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange account configurations.
    • App Store Application data (except the Application itself, its tmp and Caches folder).
    • Per-app preferences allowing use of location services.
    • Offline web application cache/database.
    • Autofill for webpages.
    • Trusted hosts that have certificates that cannot be verified.
    • Websites approved to get the location of the device.
    • In-app purchases.


    Transfer purchases only transfers the apps and the purchased content - not the data. Your game data and app data should be in the backup that you just created.


    Restore from the backup that you just created - do not restore to factory settings. I know it sounds redundant - but this is how you ensure that the iPad will retain the saved data - you are restoring from the backup. When you sync, a backup is created during the process but you dont want to sync yet. Restore from the backup.

    When you right click on the iPad name and select restore from backup - your recently created backup will appear in a popup window and you can select it from there.

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    Thanks again for your time.


    I did a test back up and an restore for 4 different Apps. (2 games and 2 productivity)


    What I did was

    1. Back up the data to itunes

    2. Made changes to the data (that I could trace)

    3. Restored the back up.


    The 2 productivity Apps restored the data and the changes restored

    The 2 Game Apps did not, and the games changes remainded.


    So now my concern is about the games. why did the back up and restore not affect there data.



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    After you change the data, you have to backup again before you restore from that backup. Unless I'm reading your post incorrectly, you made change and restored without backing up again.


    I should qualify something here - I don't play many games - at least I haven't played that many with my iPad in the last few months. I did play a few games the first six months I had the iPad and I restored my device once and all of my data was restored. Perhaps you should contact the game developers to find out how and where the backup data is stored before you complete this whole process.


    Nonetheless, if you make changes to your data, you have to back the device up again before your restore from that backup in order to include all of the most recent data.

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    Sorry I maybe did not explain well.


    What I was aim at was testing the Backup and restore to see if it rolled back the data.


    So I backed up


    then I made some changes which I could trace.


    Then I restored to see if the roll back worked so what I hoped to find was that the changes I made where erased.


    The changes where erased on the productivity, but not the games



  • Demo Level 10 Level 10

    Well now if I understand correctly, that's a good thing meaning that the game data stays current so if you continue to play the games - but restore the device to the backup - the current data stays with the game. If the games are Game Center games maybe that data is stored in the cloud and unaffected by a restore but I don't know that much about the game center.


    The support article states that app data is stored in the backup but maybe game data remains curruent as long as you do not restore to factory settings. I'll try to do a little more research and see what I can come up with.

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    I had also wondered it the game center was storing "in the cloud" as this would solve the problem, however is very hard to test.

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    I did a quick Google search and entered how game data is backed up on the iPad. e=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari


    Read some of these threads and posts from this discussion site and the iPad forums. Apparently many games are backed up on the developers servers in the cloud. Read these and see what you think. I found one thing on this search that I thought was interesting from the How to Geeks. Look for it and read it and see if that appeals to you.

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    So basically I got it synced (i think) and no data loses.


    However it didnt work as I thought.


    I transferred the apps

    then I did a back up.

    The I closed my eyes and hit sync. I only had 20 songs on my itunes and they synced pretty quick.


    So I checked the ipad, and the songs that where there, where gone and the new ones from itunes in their place.


    I checked the apps and they where all in place AND all the data was in place.. Was well confused.


    I did have a weired moment where it flashed up again that it was not synced with this library so had to go through it again. I didnt need to restore back up at all????


    However I now have a new problem


    Itunes is syncing all my songs - I thought they only sync the ticked ones



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