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My iPhone 3G was replaced by Apple when I was visiting Australia last week.  When I returned to Thailand and re-inserted  my Thai SIM card the screen locked, showing iTunes and a connector.  I took it to the Chiang Mai Apple dealer and he sent me to a local shop to have it unlocked.  But the unlock only allows me to send and receive calls. No Internet access.  If I connect it to iTunes it locks up completely.  


Any suggestions?

iPhone 3G, iOS 4.3
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    Check with your Thai provider, you will have to change some settings to access Internet Data. You will  need to setup the following:


    Gateway IP:






    This information will be provided by your cellular company, you will probably find this information if you search on the web.

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    A thousand thanks!

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    Sorry to bother you further.


    I took my 3GS phone to my carrier and they made the changes you recommended.  The phone then worked fine.


    So I connected it to iTunes, which ran through a full update.


    Everything appeared to work fine until the end of the update.


    Then the dreaded frozen screen reappeared, showing a connector and the iTunes logo. Along with that was the message "the iPhone could not be updated. Error 1015".


    What do you recommend?





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    This error occurs when you are trying to restore a phone that has been jailbroken.  You most certainly had an iPhone locked to an Australian carrier.  Your phone was unofficially unlocked by that "local shop" in Chiang Mai because the only way to get an iPhone officially unlocked is by initiating it through the carrier.  This local shop has almost certainly permanently damaged your phone.


    By jailbreaking your phone, you have voided your warranty.  In addition, Terms of Use of this forum prevent us from discussing jailbroken phones. 


    You will need to scour the internet to find help with your problem (if a solution even exists, as is very doubtful) as we cannot help you further on this forum.  It is very likely that you will NEVER get your phone working again.  If by some miracle you do, it will be re-locked to the original Australian carrier and you will NOT be able to use it with your Thai SIM card.


    My suggestion would be to go back to the "local shop" in Chiang Mai and suss it out with them.


    Again, we cannot help you further on this forum.  Sorry your phone is now unusable. 


    Best of Luck.



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    The problem originated in the Apple store in Robina Australia when they damaged my original phone (and replaced it).


    I discovered the problem when I reinserted my Thai SIM card upon returning to Thailand.


    I immediately took the phone to the Chiang Mai Apple dealer, who directed me to a shop to have it unlocked.


    I followed their directions, nothing more.


    This is ridiculous.  I have spent a fortune on Apple equipment and need help.

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    It's very unfortunate, but you were given bad advice.  Warranty service on an iPhone is provided ONLY in the country of purchase.  And ONLY THE CARRIER can initiate the unlock process.  The reason your Thai SIM card never worked with your phone in the first place is because your iPhone is locked to an Australian carrier.


    Not sure what you mean by the Chaing Mai Apple dealer, but in Thailand, technical support on the iPhone is provided by the carrier, not Apple.  In your case, you should have brought your phone to AIS, dtac, or TrueMove which are the authorized carriers of the iPhone in Thailand. They would have appropriately told you to send your phone back again to Australia if you were having problems or would have recognized that your phone was locked and told you that you couldn't use it in Thailand.


    I understand you followed the directions given you, but it doesn't change the fact that your phone was jailbroken and unfortunately now, completely unusable, and with a void warranty.  Ironically, you could have purchased a factory unlocked iPhone from any of the Thai carriers mentioned.


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