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How do I get iCal to set events say for example every 2nd Moday opf the month?  This used to be available and now this option seems to be unavailable.  Why did they change this?  

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    Go to google calendar and setup a custom event. If you haven't got google calendar, then register with gmail, it's free.

    You may need to use the google calendar desktop version on your iPad, if so, then click bottom of google calendar screen. Now, create a custom event in google calendar; eg. First Tuesday of each month.

    Now, if you haven't already done so, add your gmail account in settings/'mail, contacts, calendars' on your iPad or iMac.

    It will immediately auto sync via iCloud with google and show you the custom event in iCal.


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    In the event edit window in iCal select Repeat > Custom > Monthly > On the Second Monday.


    Best wshes

    John M

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    There was REPEAT/CUSTOM in the old iCal, but with the new iCal, CUSTOM was removed.

    In REPEAT, the only options available are; Every Day, Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Month and Every Year.

    Poor programming by Apple to exclude the CUSTOM Event option, which I use a lot.

    Peter b.

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    Hi Peter,


    I'm looking at iCal 5.0.3 on OSX 10.7.4 which has Repeat > Custom. What version are you referring to?


    Best wishes

    John M

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    I just checked the iCal on my MacBook Pro, and Repeat/Custom is there. It must have been fixed with an update some time ago. When your right - your right, and I apologize to Apple, but I assumed that the iCal on my Macbook Pro, was identical to the iCal on my iPad and iPhone. Since I purchased my iPad it has dominated my use and I haven't used my MacBook Pro very much at all. The iPad is a fantastic product and I take it everywhere, but I find it a little frustrating that there is no way to customize a repeat event with the iPad version of iCal. I overcame this problem by using google calendar on my iPad which is synced to iCal. I only use google calendar to create a custom repeat event for use in iCal.


    Peter b.

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    There are only limited manual options for repeat on iOS calendar if you enter your appointment manually.  A workaround is to use Siri.  Siri can set appointment repeats any way you desire (every other day, every three days, every three weeks, every 5 months, etc)

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    I thought the iphone and ipad were incapable of creating recurring events (like every 6th week etc), but Siri will let you create those types of events.  Thanks for the info Alex!!!