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I apologize for what must be a repost, but I was unable to find anything that touched on this specifically:


How does one set the default style for hyperlinks?


I use hyperlinked bookmarks extensively in my documents, but would prefer to distinguish them with a slightly different font (maybe even just "semibold") as opposed to blue underline.


Thank you kindly in advance for you help.


All the best,


Rax A.

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    Create a Character Style, the hyperlinks by default are the local style plus blue color which is hardwired into Pages.



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    Hi Peter,


    Thanks for this, fortunately by "selecting all styles using none" it got all of the other hyperlinks in one shot (plus a few others that weren't right, but still saved lots of time).


    How can I make this a default that will carry over from document to document? Or does your note about the blue colour hardwired into Pages mean that changing the default is impossible & this must be set at the start of every new document?


    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.


    Kind regards,



  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,270 points)

    Where are you seeing "selecting all styles using none"?


    Create a template, using your style and I guess yes it will probably mean changing it at least once in your document.



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    Howdy Peter, sorry for the delay in response - I'm on the road & only have variable connections . . .


    It was actually "Select All Uses of None", and it was in the styles drawer, in the "Character Styles" box, at the top it says "Character Styles", then below it, it says "None" & there is a red arrow on the far RH side - click on the arrow & one of the drop-down options is "Select All Uses of None".


    Screen Shot ٢٠١١-٠٩-٠٥ at ٩.١٠.٥٨ م.png


    But just to make sure: that means there's no way of creating a template that will default hyperlinks differently than the blue underline?


    Thanks for the help.





  • PeterBreis0807 Level 7 Level 7 (33,270 points)

    That wil be the default of all uncharacter-styled text so not a good idea to change that.


    I'll see if I can figure a work around. But don't hold your breath.



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    Right, I forgot to say: I highlighed a hyperlink & it (mostly) selected all the other hyperlinks in the document, exclusively (there was only one other bit of text that had been included, but compared to manually selecting everything, it was much, much faster).


    Also, to clarify, I was not changing that, I was using it to select all the text of similar formatting & then set it to my preferred hyperlink style (see photo above). Not perfect, but it seemed to work.


    Or am I missing your point?


    Thanks for the help, Peter -