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I guess what I'm trying to say is can I copy a users Home folder to another local user

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    You need to change the permissions on the user account to give yourself read/write access. There's a slight glitch that requires some additional steps but it's not hard to work around. To change the permissions follow these steps:


    1. Log into the admin account.
    2. Open the Users folder and select the other home folder.
    3. Press ⌘+i to open the Get Info window.
    4. Select the lock icon in the lower right hand corner and type your admin password.
    5. Select the '+' icon in the lower left hand corner and select your admin acount to add read only access. (It looks like nothing happens, this is the glitch I was referring to.
    6. Close the Get Info window and Finder window that shows the Users folder contents (this is the work around).
    7. Perform steps 2 - 4 again (the account you just added should show in the Get Info window).
    8. Select the new account you just added in the bottom pane of the Get Info window. Set the Privilege to 'Read & Write'.
    9. Select the Gear icon at the bottom of the window and select 'Apply to enclosed items' and close the Get Info window.


    You should now have access to all the files in the other user's folder. You can copy all the files you want to the other account.



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    Well I want every little thing copied over like the way there dock looks and everything is there a way to clone an account like this?

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    Carbon Copy cloner or migration assistant.