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My son has a video job and needs a camcorder compatible with FCE 3.0 on an old eMac running Tiger 10.4.11.  Will just about any mini DV camcorder or Hi8 with Firewire work?



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    Almost any miniDV camcorder will work.   Also, most if not all Digital-8 camcorders will also work because Digital-8 is Sony's implementation of DV using 8mm video tapes. 


    However, analog Hi-8 tapes played in a Digital-8 camcorder probably cannot be captured.  I don't believe the camera can convert the analog recording to DV during playback.


    If you have the choice, miniDV is the safer choice.

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    Wow that was fast. Thank you for that answer. We needed it to be fast, his video job is Friday night. Now all we nave to do is find a mini DV that works. All ours have become unusable over time. Thanks again. 

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    Although I just had another thought about the compatibility with Hi8.  I shot a lot of analog Hi8 tape 20 years ago in Peru and within the last two or three years dumped some of it into my old FCE 3.0, trimmed out a segment of Peruvian folk singers and transferred the result onto a DVD. That old Hi8 camcorder is long gone, I used another, newer Hi8 camcorder to feed the video into FCE with firewire.

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    As I mentioned earlier, a Digital-8 camcorder will work ...  but if you have the choice, a miniDV camcorder is a safer choice at this point.


    The best results with Digital-8 require shooting in Digital-8 mode using Digital-8 cassettes.   If you have or shoot Hi-8 (which is an analog mode) you may or may not be able to capture it in FCE.  It is also possible to shoot Digital-8 mode on Hi-8 tapes but that is even iffier.


    I have used a number of different Digital-8/Hi-8 camcorders over the years; some worked & some didn't when it came to capturing Hi-8 material.  I always found it more reliable to capture Hi-8 material by using an external analog-digital converter.

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    Thanks again MartinR. You have been way helpful.