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So today I went through and was going to use my front camera to take a picture, when I went through and switched from back camera to from camera I get this "glitchy" lines. When I switch to the video capture it does the same thing. Now even with this going on, I can still use all the features, example auto focus, images in the background and audio. When I switch back to the back camera it works just fine. I have went through and hard reset the phone, still the same issue. The phone was not dropped, and even still it had a case on it, the actual camera its self is not damaged, as in the screen protector over it is not damaged at all. I have used a third party app from the app store and the same issue occurs. I am under the one year warranty, but the closest apple store, is about 4 hours away one way, so that is currently not a option.
A issue that may effect this is on the back camera when I try to turn on the flash, it gives me the iphone is overheating can not use flash at this moment. This may or not be related or not, but just including just incase. Any tips or ideas will be appreciated, until this is fixed I can not use the front camera...


Thanks in advance!




iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.1