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I cannot believe that the old error "manual sorting" of the todo / reminder items has not been fixed in lion. If anyone has a solution to this or the best word to describe how ridiculous this is please leave a post. for me this is easy to reproduce. change to "sort manually", sort, quit the app, reopen and the sorting of the list is back to where it was before. nothing saved. hhmmpfff.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    Cannot confirm. My "Sort manually" survives quitting and reopening.

    Lion 10.7.1 .


    Maybe you could try trashing iCal preferences?



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    Thanks for your reply charlie!


    I could not find ical preferences


    but I tried the following: delete all old reminders (open and closed) that I used in (snow) leopard and then start with the new ical lion reminders.


    a first test confirms that the manual order is maintained.


    if a long term test fails I repost the issue.




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    Hallelujah! For years and, yes, years I've been frustrated by manual sorting being ephemeral in iCal. I've just duplicated all the existing reminders deleting the originals and sorted manually. After quitting they are still sorted manually. Thank you Ulrich. (Here's hoping that they don't all do their own thing again after a re-start or something!)

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    Sort Manually is not an option in iCloud via the browser, and I think that is overriding what's on my MacBook.  I cannot get mine to stay sorted manually.

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    The newest Version 5.0.1 (1547.4) of iCal, for Mac OSX Lion (Version 10.7.2), has the Sort Manually option for Reminders. As stated in the preceding reply, however, this option is not available in the iCloud Calendar. Therein lies the problem, apparently.


    Yesterday, I was on the phone with Apple Support for an nearly two hours, trying to get to the bottom of this issue. Not knowing the answer, the first person I talked to referred me to someone in the iApps department. The person in the iApps department could not resolve the problem either. So, I was referred to a senior technician in that department. After a lengthy diagnosis, this person confirmed that this is a system-wide problem in which the function is missing. The case was forwarded to the engineers, and I will be notified when they have a response.


    Once, I get the response, I will update this discussion thread.

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    Do you think they realize the discrepancy between iCloud and the computer app?  Or does that need to be pointed out?

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    That last person I spoke to on the phone did understand the discrepancy, which is exactly what he was bringing to the attention of the engineers.

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    After I installed icloud the manual sorting was blocked, no drag and drop possible. but when you quit and reopen ical the manual sorting works again. strange.

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    That is because the Sort Manually option is not available in the iCloud Calendar. If you reconnect iCal to iCloud, I'm presume that the option will be blocked from iCal again.

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    Here is the message I received from Apple Support regarding this issue:


    Apple Engineering confirmed iCloud calendar reminders cannot be sorted manually in iCal. If you would like to submit a feature request to have that added please visit - http://www.apple.com/feedback/icloud.html

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    As for me, I didn`t install iCloud, but Sort Manually option is not avaliable in Gmail, in @gmail.com (is there any difference between them?) and in On My Mac calendars.


    Also, I have two Reminder Lists, but I can`t assign my reminders between them because calendar list in the context menu is... empty.

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    Keokani - Thanks for taking the time to share your information, learning and thoughts. 


    I'm a 1 month convert to Apple from the other guys thinking there would be less interoperability issues.  I did not have this issue on the "dark side". 

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    A workaround (stops working after each restart of iCal)


    iCal 5.x running on OS X 10.7.4


    iCloud reminders were not sorting manually (as previously reported) when only iCloud reminders were present.


    However, adding a single "On My Mac" reminder and moving its order in the list, then allows iCloud reminders to also be moved.


    As noted above, this "fix" stops working after each restart of iCal (repeat the above to regain this functionality)