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Hi all,

I've put my Leopard Server behind a hardware firewall and clients that want to use Mail services can't connect on the server when they are outside of the LAN (ex.when at home). There is no problem for any LAN users to use Leopard Server services. The Mail server doesn't have any issue handling POP and SMTP request from users inside the LAN (IMAP is disable) and can receive smtp request from other mail server.

When someone try to connect to the Mail server they get a "Cannot find server xxx.xxxxxx.com" error message.

We "dig" the domain name to see if it resolves properly to the public IP of the firewall and if reverse DNS works and there isn't any issue there.

Service that are enabled on the server:


- iChat

- Mail

- Open Directory

DNS server is not enabled. DNS services are handle outside.

The way it's working is like this. "domain.com" is the Public domain, an MX record is created that points to "my.domain.com" that resolves to the public IP of my firewall (we have several other subdomain). The firewall rules points all SMTP and POP request to the Private Ip of my Leopard server.

So, my question is do I need to have DNS server working on the LAN?  Is a DNS Forward zone is the answer I'm looking for? Or is it pointless to try to have Leopard server behind a hardware firewall?



PowerMac G5 1.8DP, Mac OS X (10.5.8)