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I bought a factory unlocked WCDMA iPhone 4 at Shanghai Apple Retail Store, and facetime works fine with China Unicom. This month I came to US and bought a T-Mobile sim card. I can make phone calls and do sms, but I just cant use facetime no matter what I do.


BTW, I dont remember how I did it, but I believe I've set my iPhone 4 to recieve and start a facetime call via email instead of sms. I'm not sure if that has been automactically changed when swiching to T-mobile. I can now use facetime on my macbook pro with the same email account, but not with my iPhone. They worked great together while I was in China.


I'm sure my iPhone is running the latest version of iOS.



iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    The U.S. T-Mobile network is not fully compatible with the iPhone. They are not a supported carrier. Facetime will not work. MMS will not work, visual voice mail will not work, 3G data will not work (only Edge data works on T-Mobile).


    There is nothing you can do to fix this other than switch to AT&T.

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    Expanding on what KiltedTim said, remember that iOS currently officially allows FaceTime to function only over Wi-Fi, .  While switching to AT&T may allow better use of the other features and functions, FaceTime will still not be usable over the carrier's network.

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    This is true, but at least one would be able to activate it on AT&T. It can't even be activated on T-Mobile because of the way they handle SMS messages. SMS is required to tie the phone number in to facetime.

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    iPhones only work in the US with phone carriers AT&T or Verizon.

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    Unlocked iPhones will work on TMobile in the U.S. but not all features will work.

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    My wife's factory unlocked 4S has no problem using FaceTime on Tmobile network. My just unlocked off the ATT network iPhone 4 does not even have a FaceTime setting to turn on and off. This makes no sense.

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    I have no idea what you base your statement on Scottjk, but you are wrong. There is a FaceTime setting on the 4. The only iPhone 4's or 4S's that don't have FaceTime are those sold in Qatar, KSA, and UAE. It is banned there by law. Facetime may work on T-Mobile. I've heard of some workarounds (not entirely reliable). If FaceTime was perviously activated on AT&T and the phone was subsequently unlocked and a T-Mobile SIM inserted, it would remain activated, I believe. (I'm sure someone will correct me on that if I'm wrong)


    By the way, congratulations on reviving a thread that has been dead for over 8 months.

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    Here ya go Captain Know-It-All. Take a look at my direct screenshots from my newly ATT unlocked and updated 5.1.1 iPhone 4. Maybe you shouldn't be so quick quick to jump on the condescending freight train.


    When do I get my gold star for "reviving a thread that has been dead for over 8 months"?






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    OK... What am I looking for? I assume you meant to respond to me, but you apparently responded to the OP.


    Don't know what you want to show with your screen captures. Are you still talking about not having a facetime setting?


    Copping an attitude isn't going to win you a lot of friends around here...