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I have a MBP with Lion.  I just purchased an airport extreme and connected an external harddrive with time machine linked to it.  Perodically my MBP, loses the Airport Extreme base station and cant find the Airport Extreme.  It cant find it in Airport Utility even after rescanning.  When this occures, time machine wont work because it cant find the drive/server.  I can manually locate the airport extreme by using the IP address though and I have a working internet connection.  But it's getting annoying because it seems to be at random that the base station just disapears.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Something similar occasionally ahppens to me.


    When my Mac won't find my network, I go to the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen.  I select "Turn Airport Off" then wait one or two seconds before turning it right back on.  It works for me every time.


    try that, and see if it does the trick.  Good luck!

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    or, you can take the power off the Airport Extreme for 10 seconds and let it start again.

    Are you close enough to the AE?

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    Yeah, that works.  But why should I have to keep turning airport off and on just so my MBP can see the station?


    I have problems with time machine because the the MBP decides not to see the base station and time machine decides to do a backup then I'll get an error.

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    Time Machine needs to see the AE to work and Time Machine tries to connect every hour. AE disapears numerous times a day and I dont know when because I get no warning since the internet continues to works.  The only way i know AE disapears is becuas Time machine says it cant find the server.


    I wasnt expecting all this work when I switched to AE.

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    Also i have a printer hooked up to AE.  If i try to print and AE disapears on me, then I cant print.  I cant keep reseting equipment everytime I want to print either.  There has to be a fix to this.  I dont understand why you can have a internet connection but yet not appear to be connected to the AE.

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    You are right, irritating behaviour of the wifi. Are you sure that the signal is strong enough? Option click the Airport icon in the menu bar or use an app that measures that (airradar and the like).

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    WIFI singal is great.  I'll never lose internet access or a connection.  It's just perodically the MBP, running lion, doesnt see the AE.  When it doenst see the AE I wont have a connection to the printer or the harddrive.


    Oh, also.  When all this happens and a time machine backup was never completed, it wont resume when the MBP sees the AE, either because I reset it or it eventually finds it.   It just looks for the disk image and come back with the error ...parsebundle” is already in use

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    I bought an Airport Extreme yesterday and hooked it up today. Everything went great, but eventually all my wireless devices lost their connections. I've read several other forums where this has been observed as far back as 2009. Most attribute it to a firmware update, but that certainly isn't my case. My wireless devices include a Samsung TV, a Sony 'Google TV' internet box, and two Macs just to name a few of what I connected today. And they eventually lost their connection. Wired connections don't seem to be affected.

    It appears that Airport Extreme's wireless feature is going into a sleep mode that is hard for it to wake up from, or it's overheating (it gets very hot). And this has nothing to do with signal strength, range, or interference. It could be a combination of settings as a 2010 post stated that Apple told him to do a hard reset and ensure "Allow Setup over WAN..." and "Allow SNMP" are both unchecked.  Neither are checked on mine, so I guessing that might have been a lucky workaround back then. It's a pain to restart AE and re-enter the password on any device just because AE might have been idle for a period. After more than 2 years of this behavior, I'm surprised it continues to this day with no fix or clear explanation. Maybe there's a solution out there somewhere.....

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    I'm new to the apple community and this was my first discussion.  I didnt expect so many responses, and especially in a short amount of time.  Thanks for your input so far! 


    Oh, SNMP was checked.  I'll uncheck it and see what happens.

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    Anyone has found a real solution to this problem? I keep having this problem of not accessing the Airport Extreme (Airport Utility does not find it and can't make backups), even though I'm connected to Internet through it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I just made the move from Windows to Mac by buying the new Macbook Air with Lion and an Airport Extreme. Experience with AE has been extremely frustrating.

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    I also have the same issue... I have a normal working internet, but I cannot seem to find the AE... so I cannot print... resetting the AE (waiting for 10 secs) works but it's not a solution for me...

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    Hi, back again. When you open Network / Airport / Advanced put the connection you want to the top and any other name from the same Wifi to the bottom, save.

    In the Airport Extreme you have 2 frequencies at the same time, 5 and 2.4 GHz. 5 is the best but has a lower signal strenghth. Make sure that you have the one you want on top the other one at the bottom. First you have to give them a different name (with Airport Utility, manual setup)  to be able to see them both as different names.