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Hi, I have Garageband 5.1 (not the latest version). I am trying to connect my Yamaha DGX-520 to my computer. I have a Mac Mini (2006).


Here's the problem. So I plug the cable (that came with the keyboard) from "To Host" (back of the keyboard) into the USB input on the Mac. On Garageband it says "1 MIDI Device Detected," but I don't know what to do after it.


Also, should PC Mode be on on my keyboard? When it's on or off, it doesn't change a thing.


I've downloaded the latest drivers from Yamaha's website. Also, in Audio MIDI Setup (Applications/Utilities), when I go to the MIDI Studio window, it gives me three pictures. An audio interface that says "Portable Grand" (my keyboard), Network, and IAC Driver. Portable Grand has little triangles under it, which the others don't. Can anyone help me?



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.5)