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Spotlight has this really cool feature called "Search the web". You click it and your browser uses your preferred search engine to enter your query.

Very cool stuff but too cumbersome.


Is there a way I could hold a key to trigger this action specifically when I hit return?


In this way, I could for example type "paella" into the Spotlight search field but by then holding a key (for example, OPTION), when I hit return, instead of opening the top result, Spotlight searches my entered information. If I hold shift and OPTION, I could trigger the existing "Search Wikipedia" function.


Better yet, if there were a way this could filter a web address if I enter one, that would be brilliant, especially if I could hide the url field of Safari and my toolbar, showing only my useful and interesting content that I want to see. It'd bring the web that much closer to my desktop experience.


I really miss Quicksilver :\