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When I sync/back-up my iphone 4, where do the notes go on my Mac OSX Lion?

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    I'm not sure. didn't anyone answer this? I have the same problem

  • jellikit Level 1 (0 points)

    Plug your phone in to your computer.  Click on your phone in iTunes.  Open up the info tab at the top.  Scroll down and make sure the "sync notes" box is checked.

  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 (18,820 points)

    On a Mac, the notes sync to the reminders in your Mail application.  You need to show the left sidebar (if it's hidden) and select "Reminders" just below all your mailboxes. 




    You can also have them appear in each account's inbox by using Mail > Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors and checking "Show Notes in Inbox".

  • John Christopher1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Thanks for this tip... But I have to say Apple really needs to address this. It's a really horrible way of accessing Notes on a Mac. I did put in a suggestion at the web site.

  • Keallei Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes it would be nice to have the Notes Application built in to the OSX10.7.2 so that when they sync up they can be on the same interface. I find it weird to create a note on the phone and then it shows up on the MobileMe/Mail inbox. If I wanted to email myself a note I would have done it that way. The whole point of the Notes Application was to make notes to self without clogging up my inbox or cloud storage space. Definitely going to suggest that feature as well.

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    I use Outlook 2011 for Mac and find it very frustrating that my notes from Iphone and Ipad don't sync with Outlook. Anyone ele try to do this?


    I also looked for a Notes ap in the MAC Ap store which seemd like ti would be common sense. Suprise no ap. I love everyting Apple but this seems like a really easy fix.

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    Doug have you figured out this problem.  I would love to know how to sync my Outlook 2011 for Mac notes to my iphone & ipad

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    Ridiculous that Lion has no Notes application, it makes syncing of Notes through iCloud utterly pointless. Guess I'll stick to evernote because Apple can't provide such a simple application.

  • pvonk Level 6 (13,705 points)

    Like many other users, I use a third party notes app, look in the app store.  Many of these provide mac versions that sync via many different means like Dropbox and iCloud.  Then there's Evernote, which can run on may platforms/devices and provides many advanced features.  I always found the Apple Notes app to be lacking in "depth".

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    I am running iPhone iOS 5.1.1, iTunes 10.6.3 and OS X 10.7.4. I saw a similar procedure to what I am about to describe, in someone else's post, but I had some exceptions. In order to see all the notes I had created on my iPhone, in OS X Mail, I had to:


    1. Check "Sync Notes" in iTunes. (Choose my iPhone in the DEVICES section of the left pane. Choose Info section at the top of the main pane. Scroll down to Other section in the main pane.)


    2. Click Sync in iTunes. (In the bottom pane where it shows Capacity, Audio, Photos, Apps, etc.)


    I don't know if this is unusual, but at this point iTunes alerted me that there was another user account in my iTunes, and prompted me if I wanted to Replace or Merge the content on my iPhone. I don't know what caused this alert, because I have just one Apple ID in my iTunes and the same on my iPhone. In any case I chose Merge, just to be safe.


    Then iTunes did another unexpected thing. It said sync'ing to this computer was not enabled for this iPhone, and prompted me do I want to enable sync. That's wrong because I regularly (every week or so) sync to iTunes on this computer. (I.e. I click the Sync button and I see iTunes go through the six sync'ing/backup steps.) Anyway I chose Yes to avoid any confusion.


    3. Wait for sync to complete.


    4. Open OS X Mail. In the left pane, in the REMINDERS section, in the Notes folder, iTunes had created a new "On My Mac" folder with all the notes from my iPhone, which had been sync'ed to iTunes.


    5. Move the notes from "On My Mac" to the "iCloud" folder. I was able to select all of them and drag them.


    6. Uncheck "Sync Notes" in iTunes. Click Sync.


    7. Enable iCloud sync on my iPhone. (Settings, iCloud, Notes ON.)


    8. Make iCloud the default place for new notes on my iPhone. (Settings, Notes, Default Account.)


    I don't see any duplicate info on my iPhone: just one copy of email accounts, notes, etc. so I don't know what merging was performed by iTunes after I clicked "Merge" in response to the "different user account" alert.

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    I upgraded to Lion and upgraded from 3GS to iPhone5 at the same time.  When getting it all setup, my notes from my old iPhone were no longer on Lion.  The only way I figured out how to get around this was to go to my new iPhone which had all of my notes and then copy the notes on my iPhone to an email I created on my iPhone.  I then deleted all the notes on my iPhone.  I then sent the email to myself and retreived the email on my computer.  Then I copied the notes from the email on my computer to the Notes on Lion.  Being on iCloud it all syned instantly from there an all has been fine since.

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    I still don't understand why some of my notes disapear from my phone and some do not.  They all get pushed to my email.

    But, when I wanted to access a list that was in my notes the other day, it was not there.  Very annoying.