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?ANyone with experience in IWeb SEO here?

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    You can get an overview of what's required for SEO and how to go about it here...




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    Right Great!

    I found SEO a really handy software but with some erratic behavior....

    I update my website periodically using it. Have all my metatags and tittle tags and everything,

    now, every now and then without reason SEO changes my title tags to some old title tags or the same title tag

    for the whole website.... I find this really annoying, specially since title tags are so important for metasearch ....

    any ideas why is this??? is it something related with my server or is it a html bug???

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    Remember to use SEO Tool every time you publish changes to your site.


    Also get the latest update out today....



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    Can anyone in explicit detail explain how to use this I have no clue what to do... do you just start typing keywords you want for each page? what then? Sorry I am not a web developer I dont understand any of this SEO thing and is probably why I get next to no traffic to my site

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    Where are you hosting your site?

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    i use godaddy as my host (unltd bandwidth etc)

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    Then here's how to do what you want:


    1. publish your site to a folder on your hard drive. 
    2. launch SEO and click on the Open Website button at the top. 
    3. navigate to the website folder on your hard drive, select your website folder and use the Choose button.
    4. click on the html file for the first page.
    5. under Site Settings add the webside description to the Head Code section.
    6. click the Apply to Entire Site button.
    If you want to add a different description to each web page use the Meta Tags section.  You will have to to go each page and add the description.

       7.  when finished adding the meta data to the site upload the website folder/files with a 3rd party FTP client like  Cyberduck.


    SEO has a built in FTP client but by many reports it's not reliable as you'd like.  Cyberduck is highly regarded and lets you view both your local site files and the files on the server with Finder like windows.

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    Sorry I just dont understand how all this increases traffic to my site.. unfort  I ahave no money to afford an SEO expert etc to do it andI already have metatags on each page. How will doing it again through this tool change anything? I am really stuck on this issue Ive seen every sugestion out there but the fact remains when you build all this in how do you get the word out about the site?

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    Once you get the desctiptions entered into your website post your site's URL here in the Apple forum.  Google will quickly pick it up and start indexing your site.


    Read the Search Engine Optimization page that Roddy linked to in his post.  He explains about opening a Google account,  how to let Google know that your site exists, create a sitemap and more. Follow those instructions and you'll provide Google with the tools to find, index and rank your site.

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    Hi all,

    since I started this thread, ill post my ontcome to the problem,

    I ve worked my way around with the tittle tags by editing them

    via flow, awesome software that edits real time in your ftp server.

    Seo iweb created more problems than solving them so stop using it really.

    If you keep things simple there not too many things that can go wrong.

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    Ok I did what you advised in the last 2 posts(Roddy stuff) but when I did the "#5 site settings..." it put visible text along the top of my page so I pulled it and updated the Title and did the metatags through SEO tool.


    this is the site http://www.savingtherepublic.com

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    I tried it not impressed I rather use wordpress.

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    If you would rather use Wordpress, why are you spamming in this forum?