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minhdh303 Level 1 Level 1

Will Apple replace the broken glass for my Ipad2 which have just bought in 1 month?

And any Apple stores in Vietnam can do it?


Thank you so much!

iPad 2
  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    They will not give you a one time courtesy replacement like they used to do.


    I just went through the same thing yesterday. My kid picked it up by the smart cover and the cover separated and iPad 2 fell on the floor resulting in a very tiny crack and dent in the case. It still works but i went to the Apple store hoping for a replacement. No such luck. Because the construction of iPad 2, glass can't be replaced if there is a dent in the case. And they WILL NOT give you a replacement. They told me there is a very strict new policy clearly prohibiting such customer service. The guy told me that the new policy started about a month or so ago.


    They did offer me to sell me the same model for $419. I have 64 GB Verizon model, so it is rougly half off. Not a bad deal, but since I know I am going to buy the iPad 3 when it comes out, i didn't want to spend that kind of money on iPad 2.


    Isn't it funny how there is this new policy so soon after Jobs passed away? As a certifiable Apple maniac (I have 3 Apple TV's, 27" quad core iMac with 8 gig of RAM, 2 MacBook Pros, 4 iPhone 4 & 4S's, 4 iPod's, 2 iPad's, 2 Airport Extremes in my house and few more iphones I bought for my empoyees), I felt betrayed. I know it's not their fault that the glass broke. But only case Apple sells is smart cover, which does nothing to protect the iPad 2, and it detaches itself if a "child" picks it by the cover.


    This is the new Apple without Jobs. Don't expect replacement or repair by Apple store if the glass is cracked. It's not going to happen. I tried. I even told him that I would buy a MacBook Air if they gave me a free iPad 2 replacement. The answer was NO.


    I'll miss you even more, Mr. Jobs! Your legacy is already changing. The maniacal pursuit of Excellence is already disappearing from Apple. Too bad you can't send imessages to your lieutenants from your iCloud.

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6

    Let's see, your iPad is dented, and you cracked the screen and you think you should be entitled to a free replacement?  Even if Mr. Jobs (God Rest His Soul) was still with us, Apple would not have given you a free replacement.  Apple does offer out of warranty replacements (yes, there's a cost for that), for non damaged (not visibly dented) units.  Maybe if you had taken better cae of your iPad, you too would have benefited from this,  But you didn't and you really have no beef with Apple.


    To the OP:  If your iPad is pristine (no visible damage, other than a cracked screen), make an appointment at the Genius Bar of your Local Apple Store.  They should offer you an out of warranty replacement, but be advised, that doesn't mean "free."  An out of warranty replacement does cost money, just not as much money as buying the unit brand new.

  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    Hey, you didn't read my reply correctly. Like I said in my reply, i know it is not Appe' responsibility to replace units damaged by the user. What iwas saying was they used to do that when Jobs were around. With all the Apple equipmet i have, i never had to go to Apple store for replacement. This was my first and only time I did. 


    I don't blame Apple for not doing it any more. I just miss the times they used to to do it. I have many friends, whom i converted frOom PC to Apple, who got the free repalacement. I am not trying to brg, but it really isn't the money issue. I could have easily taken up on their offer to replace my iPad 2 at half the price. I was disappointed that the first time I tried to use the courtey replacement the first time, i was denied. I could have easily taken up on their 50% off offer. Again, its not a money issue.


    I was just making a comment that this new policy came into place so soon after his passing. I couldn't care less about the $419 cost. Why did this change come within weeks of his passing? I wans't even interested ingetting replacement until so many of my friends told me about the one time courtesy replacement. I didn't think it was their responsibility in the first place. But when my friends told me that they know so many people who just got a new replacement, i thought I'd give it a shot. Again, the main motivation was not the cost, but testing if it was really true. Apple posted 40%+ return on equity. So I am sure they are not hurting. I also own shares of Apple for at least 5 years. Please understand its not a money issue. I was just surprised that the policy changed so soon after Jonbs passed away.


    Please don't get me wrong.  I was shocked that Apple's been doing the courtesy replacement all this time, which I didnt know. Nor got any benefit from it. I am just sad that it changed so suddenly as soon as Jobs was gone. 


    I am just worried that Apple might have started heading in the wrong direction. And if they did, i would be a very sad camper

  • rbrylawski Level 6 Level 6

    I did read what you wrote.  And I've been around for a long time.  I don't recall reading any posts from anyone who received a "free" out of warranty replacement when they presented an iPad with dents.  I have certainly read where people who had a pristine unit, but with a cracked screen, did receive (by being very very nice) a free replacement.  And even then, it was not universal.  As a matter of fact, I know a person who just last week received a free replacement for a very new iPad, which was unfortunately dropped and screen cracked.  So, contrary to what you wrote, I don't think Apple has changed anything.

  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    You are wrong. As a matter of fact, I have a direct knowledge that they replaced an iPad (1 not 2, more than a year old) the day before I went to the same store. It was one of my friend who got the free replacement. And he broke it by dropping it. In my case, it was my 6 year old son who picked it by the smart cover and it dropped when the cover separated. It is a design flaw in the smart cover. I also have iPad 1 with leather casing which I bought when it first came out. There is no problem of cover detaching itself. And it is in perfect condition.


    Do you know what the rep told me about that? "Don't let your kid touch your iPad". Obviously he doesn't have his own kids. What bothered me even more was the way he said it. He said it like I was crazy letting a 6 year old "touch" a $900 equipment. I wasn't even home when that happened. And any parents can agree with me that there is no way to stop a curious child. And I am not one of those people who buys an expensive furniture and puts a plastic cover on it and keep them off-limits to their own kids.


    Also they kept me waiting for more than an hour just to tell me no. They knew I was there for a broken glass since I made the appointment and explained the reason. Why didn't they tell me right away when I checked in that I was wasting my time? This, in my opinion, is a glitch in Apple's system. They should have a system to alert the person doing the check-in process to alert the customer right away. Especially if the "unofficial courtesy one-time replacement" is strictly forbidden by a brand new policy(rep told me only couple of month old) .


    But then again, how come my friend got a free replacement a day before from the same store I went to, but I was denied? It sounds like the Apple employees do it at their own discretion. Now that is really a big mistake on Apple's part. It creates false hope among its customers and results in a lot more disappointments than "wow".

  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    BTW, I may be new to the forum because I never had any need for it. But I have been a long time Apple user. I more or less own every Apple products except the MacPro. I even upgrade to a new generation even when my old unit is in good condition. I buy so many stuff from iTune store when everyone is getting them for free. My friends make fun of me because I pay for every song, music video, movies, software, and etc. Trust me when I say they made plenty of money from me over the years.


    This was the "first time" I ever even asked for a customer service! I was so upset about the way they handled my case, I joined this forum to let other people know not to waste their time like I did.

  • Julian's Mom Level 1 Level 1

    I got my Ipad2 replaced and the screen was shattered back in such luck today284872_10150246812024093_547134092_7425790_3266943_n.jpg

    this one ^^ got replaced (took a beating with a hammer while I was at work...apparently my mom thougth it was funny)


    this one ^^ didn't (fell to the pavement as I was getting him outta the carseat in my Xterra)


    I'm a student and don't have 219$ to get it fixed, so I just bought a screen cover at Target for 30$. That way my son's finger's aren't cut. I don't use it. It's strictly his and it's wayyyy better than a crappy Leap Pad. The guy was really rude when I attempted to get the free replacement. He said, "You can go to any store and they will tell you the same thing. No more free replacements. You can ask anyone, even Steve." I replied, "Unfortunately he's dead and the new CEO's buried any compassion along with him."

  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    Also, my iPad 2 is not out of warranty. It was purchased in 04/11, roughly 7 month old. And as the other guy said, they were rude, not in an obvious way, but rude and condescending nonetheless. These so called genius reps make very low hourly wages. I guess they are enjoying the little power they have whenever they can. I heard the same rep talk to another customer before me. Their knowledge of the technology and Apple system was novice at best. I couldn't help smiling listening to his advice to the other customer. he was probably a temporary hire to fill in during the busy holiday season.


    If Apple wants to grow their sales through these stores as they open more of them around the world, they better put in a better trained reps, not only in their product knowledge but also customer service skills. You don't treat a customers like they are some kind of idiots. I was old enough to be his father, and I am positive I have lot more knowledge about the Apple products and system than he.


    Don't let my son play with iPad? Jobs would have turned in his grave if he heard that. Apple used to donate Apple computers to schools, so they grow up using their products and eventually become their customers when they grow up!


    Also, smart cover is defective in design. I understand Jobs wanted to create a cover that doesn't "hide" the beautiful designe of iPad 2 and doesn't add bulk to it. But the magnets should have been stronger or should have put in some mechanism to prevent it from separating itself from the unit unintentionally. I heard they are working on a new cover for iPad3 that addresses these issues. I hope they get it right the first time.


    The main reason my iPad 2 suffered this damage was the defective design of the smart cover, not my son. Covers shouldn't come off like that. This never would have happened if I just put screen protector and didn't use the cover in the first place.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 9 Level 9

    woochae wrote:


    The main reason my iPad 2 suffered this damage was the defective design of the smart cover, not my son.

    Nonesense. The cover is designed to be removable. And, yes, it is stupid to let a 6-year old play with something they could easily break and that is expensive to repair or replace without close parental supervision. Get an Otterbox case if you feel the need to continue to do that. And, if you expressed the sort of condescending attitude that you showed in your post to the staff at the Apple Store, I'm not surprised that they didn't bend over backwards to accomodate your demands.

  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    You are so wrong. There are numerous cases, actually most of them, where adults caused the damage, not kids. My kids know how to use them and are very careful with them. My iPad 1 is still in pristine condition. They use it too. Only difference between the two iPads was the casing.


    When I bought my iPad 2, there was no other case available except for the Smart Cover. I had no choice.


    The bottom line is that the design of Smart Cover is defective. They could have put a small magnetic clasp in the front of the cover to prevent someone from grabbing just the cover by accident. They could have used stronger magnets that could hold the weight of the iPad 2.The current magnet is just too weak. I can't count the number of times when the cover just got pushed off the iPad 2 while I was using it in my bed.The little triagle it forms to put iPad 2 in angle is next to uselses. It just comes off too easily even if you just nudged it to slide it on bed. It really serves no practical purpose. I eventually started using iPad 2 with cover removed, then put it back on when I was done. In hindsight, I shouldn't have used the cover at all. Then this accident wouldn't have happened in the first place.


    And I didn't express any condescending attitude at the store. I was extremely courteous. Also, it didn't matter how I behaved. There is a strict new policy that came out within couple of months of Jobs' passing.

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 Level 6

    woochae wrote:


    You are so wrong. There are numerous cases, actually most of them, where adults caused the damage, not kids.

    Yes, careless adults but that's not the point.


    You break something, you pay for it.  Give it to your kid and he/she breaks it, you pay for it.  No animosity is intended.  It's merely a matter of personal responsibility.


    Does Chevy give you a new car when you wrap yours around a telephone pole?

  • woochae Level 1 Level 1

    Your analogy is wrong.


    Chevy has never done that, whereas Apple has done it numerous time.


    I am not saying I was entitled to a replacement. Actually, I was shocked to find out Apple has been doing that before.


    I am not mad about Apple not replacing my iPad. I was mad that they kept me waiting on line when they knew what the answer was going to be.


    They should tell the customer right off the bat that the free replacement is not available. I know it was an unofficial policy, but they have replaced many iPads under this unofficial policy. By their own action, they created this false hope among their customers.


    Please stop posting about personal responsibilites. I am not arguing that at all.

  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    You are basing your whole argument on the premise that there was an "unofficial" policy of replacing iPads with broken glass. A few unverified, anonymous posts on the internet are not proof of anything. In any event, even if a few units were replaced at the store manager's discretion this does not consitute an "unofficial" policy. There never was such a policy ("official" or "unofficial").


    Anyone who thinks that, if they unfortunately break their iPad, that they are going to get a replacement is hopelessly naive. Similarly, anyone who totally believes unverified, anonymous posts on the internet is equally naive.

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