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Do you have issues with the microphone on your iPad 2?  I have noticed on several forums that there are many of you who experience microphone issues and have sought help to correct this problem.  Some have had replacement iPads and others returned theirs to be fixed. Some even using high pressured air to blow the dust from the mic.  I had the same problem and decided to try an alternative.  Suck the mic.  Just using your mouth suck the mic and hopefully it should clear the problem.  I would recommend to Apple to design and release a similar magnetic smart cover or rubber cover just for the mic to keep the dust out to avoid this problem.  Or build into the case of the iPad a rubber seal that can be popped open when being used.  But as with all Apple ideas they will keep it for themselves and therefore myself and all those who have come up with simple but effective ideas will lose out. Avoid having to return your iPad or having it serviced - just put a piece of tape over the mic when not in use.  It does work!  If any manufacturers out there decide to come up with an invention to produce a small smart microphone cover for the iPad and future iPad models, please remember to credit me for bringing this to your attention.  10% share is my fee on all products sold!  You heard it here and it will save Apple some money!

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