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Really need help on this one! So i accidently switched my iPhone over to a different apple ID temporarily that i dont use at all from my main one what i use to purchase things and download things and use iTunes Match. But now i can't change it for 90 days?! Is there anyway i can get that removed so i can just go back and never switch back again!?





iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3
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    " Once a device or computer is associated with your Apple ID, you cannot associate that device or computer with another Apple ID for 90 days."



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    I did the same F**king thing!?!...90days...really couldnt have done 10days...or a month...SMFH I can't do anything now for 3 months this is bs... I made the mistake of using the wrong one and one prompt box later...screwed...

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    Thanks for posting this link.


    I'm trying to figure out if this applies to user accounts on the same computer. I have a user account on a MacBook Pro that's separate from my wife's user account. But the entire device, the computer, seems to be associated with her Apple ID and not mine.


    This policy makes sense given that iOS devices don't support multiple user accounts. But Mac OS X does.


    Is there a way to take care of this single-id-association problem given the multiple account environment of Mac OS X?

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    When I upgraded to iOS5 and iCloud apple forced me to change my apple ID so that it would be an email address (previous one was just a string of characters). Same account, just changed the name to comply with apple's new requirements. Now my iPad is in the same "90 day ****" because it thinks I've switched to a new account. Tried to explain this to apple support and after three "microsoft-ish" responses I've given up. What a bummer. If anyone figures out how to reset this that would be great. Else...83 days to go...

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    Mac OS X

    Email me at mendozavictor24@me.com and I'll help you with this issue. I just figured t out without having to hack my iPhone 4s :D

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    Hi there, is there any workaround to this? I have done something similar, i have 2 itunes accounts and signed in using the least used one when i had to restore my ipad, and now i cant use the main one which is associated with my itunes match library?

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    I'm really confuse by this 90 thing. I have one iMac with 4 user accounts and each user has there own iTunes ID and Library. So when each user wants to buy a song they login with there own ID and buy. Doesn't that associate our one iMac with 4 different iTunes IDs? And then as soon as one person other than me signs in doesn't that lock me out for 90 days? Apple has droped the ball on this so bad they should have there n#@s squesed in a vise over this.

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    Alright everyone quit emailing me for the solution no longer works thanks to iOS 5.0.1

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    What the **** is this **** apple? How can you do this to your users? Where are we going with all those useless rules? 90 days without iTunes Match, that's just great.

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    There is actually a solution you can actually just restore your device. However make sure that it is restored using the Apple ID you wish to use

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    Yes people listen to him, Im tired of getting email about this when I already said it no longer works...

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    Thought I'd chime in here to add a bit of new info on how this works with BOTH App Store and iTunes. I have 2 apple IDs, one for WORK and one for PERSONAL. I purchase apps through the app store with the WORK ID often on both my imac and ipad. The other day I bought a song through itunes using the PERSONAL ID on my laptop. Next morning (today) I went to iMac and logged into APP STORE with WORK ID to download a previously purchased app. Done. Opened up itunes on iMac and tried to download the song I purchased last night with PERSONAL ID on laptop.


    Got this error:


    " You can download past purchases on this  computer with just one Apple ID every 90 days. This computer can be used with a different Apple ID in 13 days."


    Now, essentially my iMAC will be associated with my WORK ID for the next 13 days at which time I can associate my PERSONAL ID with it. So will I be able to DOWNLOAD that song to this computer in 13 days? I'll test it and see and will update.


    I'm assuming my laptop is associated with my PERSONAL ID for the next 12 days.


    I'm doing this for my own sanity so I can remember when this happens again.