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Hello people,



I have a problem with this following message:


"Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation.


The following local application on your computer or network:


is trying to communicate with this Internet-enabled location:



To let this application communicate with the Internet, click Settings.

You must restart the application after changing your settings."


I tried to install again but no good luck! I was watching www.mtv.com when i got this message.

Before I didn't had that message. It is since today.


Does somebody has the same problem? Or go to that site and click a movie or something if you get the same error, send a reply back.

It is enoying to see that message everytime..



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • normnod Level 4 Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Fairly common this, it's an embedded ad stream. Siteadvisor reports it as leading to spam and other problems so Flash Player blocks it. Your "error" is the correct response to this rubbish.


    Whatever you do, do not let it communicate.


    If you have the latest player go to the preference pane, click advanced tab and delete all the local files using the Delete All... button.


    Also in the front tab set to "Ask me before" to prevent auto downloads.

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    Well it is working now how it supose to be. I also removed cookies and other data from safari on safari preferences > privacy. But the data is coming back lol..Ignore that or?

  • normnod Level 4 Level 4 (2,870 points)

    It's Flash's own cache you need to clear, ver. 10 install a pane in System Preferences that I was referring to, earlier versions you can right-click on any Flash item and select Settings. In both cases set to "ask" and empty the "local storage"


    Even then it may not go away...but we can hope!

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    Okay i have empty the Safari > Cache.. Everything is now OK! I want to thank you for all the help. It was an easy task. So thank you for everything.

  • Jay Asistio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    lol 5 minutes later and i have the same problem again -.-' What to do?

  • normnod Level 4 Level 4 (2,870 points)

    If you keep going to the same site it will reoccur, it may not if you follow the instructions in my second reply referring to the Flash cache, not Safari cache. However I can't confirm it as I don't use mtv.com myself and as I stated, it is the correct behaviour from a security point of view.


    Your other option is to complain to mtv.com for hosting the ad stream, it may work...