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Hi, I'm 14 years old and I play bass, I wont do graphic desing or something like that, do you think that i have to buy a Macbook pro or a good bass ?

Here in Argentina the Macbook pro 13" is USD $1800. Its too expensive.

Thank you.

MacBook Pro
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    Hi LuchoM


    Like any tool it's a case of what you want to use it for. You say you play bass so are you expecting to record and compose with your laptop?


    And if you haven't got a good bass yet, then can you live without the laptop? If buying anything stops or compromises you from following your primary desire (being a musician?)  then you should think why you're buying it. There are plenty of good music software packages on PCs and so having a cheaper PC laptop and a bass may be a better combination.


    Good luck.