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using ARD 3.5.1, I set up Remote management on client computer (10.6) computer shows in Scanner list, but there is no blue dot, and I am unable to enter any login  or password in Get Info screen. (there is no 'edit' option to click on) I have double checked that all users are enabled on client, all boxes are checked for remote management options. When I try to add the computer to All Computers, a drop down box appears for a fraction of a second, like it would ask me login information, but it disappears immediately, and the computer is NOT added to All Computers (or any other list I have tried) Help! I am stumped, and need to get this resolved.

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    Every time this has happened to me, it is because there is already a computer in the all computers list that has the same IP as the one you are trying to add.  Or maybe occasionally the same name.  See what the IP of the one you are trying to add is, then go to all computers, sort by IP if you have a lot of computers, select it, get info, edit, then change it's IP to something else.  Doesn't much matter because it is obviously off line or else there would be a conflict with the one you are trying to add.  Then go back and add to all computers - directly to whatever list you want it in - it will automatically be in all computers.

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    That was it! I had some old computers still in the list- deleted them and now it works. Thanks a million

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    also had the same issue - works now thanks to your answer.