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Hi all I received my iPad as a gift back last December, first Apple device ever. Have had no problems with iPad at all but my pc monitor died a few weeks ago and long story short decided to stay with pc's due to concern about compatibility with word and PDF files (I know should take an advanced class regarding documents and things as that's my weakest area) as am in midst if changes in life and not sure where my next steps will be.


Anyway I know I need to install iTunes on the new computer when it arrives, but is there a way to install pics and music from iPad to the new pc or will it automatically see the pc as master so to speak, I see my iPad as backup, tho for pictures i also have most on photo bucket as well. The new pc is an HP with windows 7 if that matters. Still feel new and green when it comes to iPad but know when I was at apple store some weeks after starting I was showing one of the new sales person some things as well as she showed me some things. I do love the iPad, but stayed pc's to not confuse my electronically challenged Mother, whom also uses the desktop. Have tried to teach her to use the iPad but that didn't go well.


I don't want to wipe the pictures off my iPad but rather transfer them and their folders to the new pc. Have had enough stress of late even paying to have the new pc although normally I do that myself.


Also getting a new wireless HP printer that best buy assured me is compatible and will work with the iPad, hope it does.


I use web mail so not concerned about backing those things up.

MB292LL, iOS 4
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