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Hi all I received my iPad as a gift back last December, first Apple device ever. Have had no problems with iPad at all but my pc monitor died a few weeks ago and long story short decided to stay with pc's due to concern about compatibility with word and PDF files (I know should take an advanced class regarding documents and things as that's my weakest area) as am in midst if changes in life and not sure where my next steps will be.


Anyway I know I need to install iTunes on the new computer when it arrives, but is there a way to install pics and music from iPad to the new pc or will it automatically see the pc as master so to speak, I see my iPad as backup, tho for pictures i also have most on photo bucket as well. The new pc is an HP with windows 7 if that matters. Still feel new and green when it comes to iPad but know when I was at apple store some weeks after starting I was showing one of the new sales person some things as well as she showed me some things. I do love the iPad, but stayed pc's to not confuse my electronically challenged Mother, whom also uses the desktop. Have tried to teach her to use the iPad but that didn't go well.


I don't want to wipe the pictures off my iPad but rather transfer them and their folders to the new pc. Have had enough stress of late even paying to have the new pc although normally I do that myself.


Also getting a new wireless HP printer that best buy assured me is compatible and will work with the iPad, hope it does.


I use web mail so not concerned about backing those things up.

MB292LL, iOS 4
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    The following was copied from this thread. This is essentially what you want to accomplish.


    1) Without connecting your iPad to your laptop, start iTunes. Click on Edit. Click on Preferences. Click on Devices. Check the box next to "Prevent your iPod etc. from automatically syncing." Click OK.


    2) Now connect your iPad to your laptop and start iTunes.


    3) When iTunes starts, right click on your iPad under Devices in the left column. Select Transfer purchases etc.


    4) After it finishes transferring all your apps to your new laptop, right click on your iPad and select Backup your iPad.


    5) After it finishes backing up your iPad, right click on your iPad and select Restore etc.


    6) After it finishes restoring, left click on your iPad , then click on the Apps tab on top, and check the box next to Sync Apps, then click on Apply below.


    If everything on your iPad looks good after the sync, go back and click on Edit / Preferences / Devices and UN-check the box next to Prevent your iPod etc. The only other thing you may want to check is if your contacts, bookmarks, etc. are syncing correctly now. If not, go to the Info tab after connecting and make sure you indicate which features you want to sync with what sources.


    Read this thread and the support links as well. There are apps that you can purchase that will allow you to transfer photos from the iPad to your PC. Look at Photo Transfer App in the App store and you can search for others as well.


    This support site will help you with transferring iTunes music to your new computer.


    This site will show you all of the HP printers that are AirPrint compatible.

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    In addition to Demo's reply I would add the following.


    Photos that you synced to the iPad via iTunes on your old computer will have been 'optimised' as part of the transfer process, so if you want to copy them back to a computer, what you copy back may not be (and probably won't be) exactly the same as they originally were on that computer.  And to copy them back you will need a third-party iPad app - Simple Transfer is another app (which has a free lite version called Simple Photo & Video Transfer) which can copy them off via your wifi network (the free 'lite' version seems to work the few times I've used it, I havn't got the paid version).


    For photos that were taken with the iPad, copied to it via the camera connection kit, or saved from emails/websites then they can copied off 'normally' :


    If any content doesn't copy over to your new computer then apps and ibooks purchases (and music purchases if you are in the US) can be re-downloaded from iTunes for free (as long as they remain available in the store) :


    But I also wouldn't be seeing or using the iPad as a backup, it is not really designed to be used that way. I would still backup any important content from my computer to external drives - I've got backups of all the content that is on my iPad (music, films, photos, apps etc).

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    That refers to laptop but presume will work the same was with desktop Demo?

    I have the first iPad so pics originally came from my Dell desktop. King penguin thank you, will go look for simple photo and video transfer lite right niw.

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    "my pc monitor died a few weeks ago "


    You purchased a new computer instead of a new monitor?

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    Yes it works with a desktop as well and I did assume that you were talking about your PC even though you said monitor in your post. If your monitor died, you don't have to replace the PC if it still works.

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    My computer is XP when XP first came out. We had a double blackout (power came on after a few mins outage each time). When I went to sit at the desk the monitor was dead. Tried unplugging and replugging it, tried undoing connections behind monitor as well as below and reconnecting, nothing. The computer appeared to go on but of course with no monitor, could not tell if it was working correctly or not, and printer is also old had has had problems off and on. So yes ordered the three in a package from best buy.


    What was weird was weeks later, the other day was eating lunch across from the desk, and wonders of wonders saw the monitor stand by light glowing. Yup now working but pc had to go through it's repair screen mode, seems ok but slightly slower then it was. So maybe didn't have to get new but it did take hits, and new one will arrive Tuesday anyway. Will keep the old computer but have them remove our monitor and printer when they leave.

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    Would have marked Demo's posts as right but until get new pc and try it won't know for sure, do greatly appreciate the help

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    backing up apps was easy but want to ensure not wiping pictures off ipad. as well as music and not really understanding how to get my wavs back and mp3, as well as pictures that were transferred from old pc to my ipad, to get them onto new pc, help?

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    In order to transfer music that was imported from CD and pictures that are on your iPad you will need a third party app to complete the process now. You can find a number of solutions to allow you to do this. &oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari


    Did you look at the Photo Transfer app mentioned above?

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    Yes nd last night I downloaded iTunes already had the lite simple photo and video tool mentioned above and saved some of the basic saved pics, but couldn't locate all the pictures I had synched with iTunes, and the photo and video tool saved just first 50 pics in album. My iPad is the original iPad by the way not the ipad2. I thank you Demo will try those google links later, have pics of niece and other family when very young growing up, would like to save them, have to try some way to back up the Dell see if I can see the drive with old Dell plugged in and usb'd to the new pc,  due to stressors minds not thinking logically if know what I mean.

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    and the photo and video tool saved just first 50 pics in album.

    Simnple Photo and video transfer lite allows you to download only 50 pix.

    It is basically a demo to see if it works for you.

    The full version ($1.99) is not limited.


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    i might end up getting the fullthen as reasonable priced, trying to locate one specific picture in photobucket and couldnt find it.just was a tree I took a pic of at a friends but it was desktop wallpaper on pc, trying my sync line and doesnt seem to like windows 7

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    didn't work for me at all. using completely updated software, here's the first problem: under edit, no preferences option. had to go to bolded itunes option, found preferences there. was able to complete steps 1 and 2 from that point. not able to right click on ipad under devices, couldn't even get that option to appear. the recent purchases made since i purchased the ipad a month ago and the apps are already on my mac so maybe that's the problem. from that point on completely unable to back up ipad, again, that option does not pop up with any right clicking. still have entire library on ipad but not mac. frustrating.

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    First of all the preferences in iTunes are different on the Mac version of iTunes than on the PC version. The instructions were for a PC user. However, you were able to figure it out on your own.


    If the iPad is recognized in iTunes on the Mac, I have no idea why you can't right click and get the backup or transfer purchases option. If the iPad is recognized in iTunes while connected to the Mac - select the iPad on the left side under the devices heading and then you can go to iTunes>File>Transfer Purchases - from the menu at the top. But like you said, if the apps are in your library, there is nothing to transfer over. It will act like it is going through the process but it will happen very quickly since all of the apps are already in iTunes.


    You can also control+click on the iPad name to get to the backup and transfer purchases options. The method described above should work unless maybe you have a corrupt version of iTunes on the Mac for some reason and that's why you can't get those options to pop up for you.

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