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This is starting to get me very upset and Im not too happy. I just restored my Ipod and updated to the newest version of iTunes. When I connect my ipod to iTunes, everything shows up fine, it shows on the iTunes that all my songs are being written to my ipod and my ipod is showing the "Sync in progress" message. However, when Ive sat through 4 hours and everything is finished and iTunes says its done, MY IPOD IS STILL BLANK! Its just displays "No Content Added." How does this make sense? Ive sat through this twice and everything appears fine until it tells me its ok to disconnect and Im looking at a screen that seems like I havent added anything onto it. And on top of that, it keeps coming up with an error saying there is something wrong with the iTunes store, so I cant access it. Can someone PLEASE help me here!?!?!?!

iPod touch, Windows XP