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If you are getting Lion kernel panics, IVB may be the reason.  I supect the new Lion indexing technology conflicts with IVB even though Intego say VB6 is Lion ready.


I just uninstalled IVB6 upon advice from a local Mac repair consultant.  IVB6 is often in full time scan mode so its a constant factor.  No other hardware or software issues.  Eliminate the IVB6 factor and then see if reindexing, kernel panics and the other Lion problems people have go away.


I am suspicious of Microsoft Word 2011 as well, but I hope no IVB6 is the solution.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Exactly how did you remove Integeo Virus Barrier?



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    I searched Spotlight for "uninstall Integeo".  Hope that helps.  Restart when you're done.  I did SMC and PRAM reset followed by Disk Utility > Repair Disk Permissions.

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    I have had issues with VirusbarrierX6 crashing Lion.

    Intego have told me they are working on it and "have a beta version of VirusBarrier X6 that is resolving kernel issues".  I have uninstalled VB6 from my Lion clean install and have had no issues since.

    .. waiting for the next update 10.6.14

    Hope this helps.

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    They said me to disable anti-pishing filters and web attacks ..


    That's fine for me.

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    Not sure if this is an exact response and not very technical .I have just installed Virus Barrier X6 from the Apple Store on my iMac  10.6.8 and have been effectively locked out of my computer . Initially would not allow me to sign in , could not turn off except with the power button. Now on the 5th attempt to get in and delete the programme .  Called Support , to be advised they are an independant company and I had the choice of who I would like to pay to get it fixed . The wired mouse has been disabled and anything I click on with the wireless mouse  sets the pallette spinning ,  As a compuer novice suggest against installing this programme .


    Will be contacting Apple Support in the morning ( 8 hours time }


    Hope this saves someone else from a similar fate .