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I'm using the latest build of iTunes (at the time of writing that's and Windows 7 which is fully up to date. I have no problems with anything on my system except iTunes. Since the last update of iTunes it crashes a LOT. I'll list some examples of what causes it to crash:


- Plugging my iPhone 4 in


- Syncing my iPhone


- Downloading something from the store


- Loading iTunes


- Closing iTunes


It will throw up the famous 'unable to contact sync services' error when I plug my iPhone in, but I can correct that by deleting everything in here - AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\SyncServices\Local . This is only a temporary fix though as the error will return in a few days. Even without that error, iTunes will still crash on syncing about 90% of the time.


The crashes are so bad now I've moved virtually everything to my iPhone - downloading apps, music downloading (I use Spotify), podcast downloading (I use iCatcher), audiobook downloading (Audible) etc.  But I still have to sync to copy TV episodes accross unfortunately, and of course to allow it to back-up.


I've re-installed iTunes countless times of course but it doesn't fix the problems.


I'd rather not re-install Windows if possible by iTunes is basically unusable for me now and everything else works fine on my PC.


Any ideas anyone?