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I just bought my 2nd iPad 2 and I want to cate a FaceTime account for my wife. On the FaceTime screen, it says the email account will become my new Apple ID. If I create an account for FaceTime will this new account be used for the app store too? I want to keep my Apple ID for the AppStore and set a FaceTime account for my wife which is separate. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    I have a first gen iPad so I don't have FaceTime on mine and therefore csn't check, but you should be able to create an account and then just use that for FaceTime - so one account can be logged in via Settings > FaceTime , and a different account for use with the store via Settings > Store

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    I found out that the FaceTime account can be set up separately and does not affect the iTunes or al sore account info.