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This seems like this is probably a bug, but here it goes anyway.

When I am posting my blog to the Internet, I first have to Publish it to a Folder. That is cool, and I have no problems with that. However, when I try to see it as an RSS feed, it breaks. The link is wrong, as it still has some of my directory structure on my iMac, instead of (what ought to be) a relative link.

Are there any workarounds for this??

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    When publishing to the local folder, did you include your site URL where asked on the choose-a-folder sheet? This is from iWeb Help:
    If you are setting up a blog or podcast with iWeb and publish to a folder, you will need to manually enter the URL for your website in the publish window in order for your RSS files to be created properly. For more information see "My Subscribe button doesn't work" in iWeb Help.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue, and it seems to be the last of the little glitches I have to sort out. I am publishing to a folder, then FTPing the files up to my host. When I select "Publish to folder" it does ask me for the url of my site, and I do enter it, but I seem to get exactly the same problem. For some reason, parts of my local directory structure show up in the link. For example:


    On that page, if you try and subscribe, the link is broken. In the url it is pointing to, you will see a /LSI Web/ in the url. This comes from my local directory structure, and has nothing to do with the directory structure on my host. I'm not really sure how to go about fixing this.


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    I am publishing to a folder, then FTPing the files up to my host.

    I think the significant part of that statement is where you say you're FTPing the FILES to your host, rather than the folder containing them. When you publish to your local folder, doesn't iWeb generate an index.html file and a folder named 'LSI Web'? Try uploading both those items and I think you'll find that your RSS feed will work (as it is I suspect you're opening that 'LSI Web' folder and doing your upload from that point).

    That top-level index.html consists merely of a re-direct to LSI Web/Welcome.html, so http://www.locksport.com still brings visitors to the Welcome page, while having the 'LSI Web' folder on the server validates the path to the RSS feed. OK, your displayed URLs will all include the rather ugly LSI%20Web, but you can improve on this by re-naming your site in iWeb (say to merely 'LSI'?) and publishing again from iWeb.

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    Thanks Jim!

    Albeit not the answer I was hoping for, I guess it'll do the trick. Seems silly that I'm forced to have an additional level in the hierarchy just because of some iWeb fussiness, but I suppose it's a minor point. There do seem to be a whole bunch of "small concessions" I'm forced to make using this software, but I guess it's the price to pay for being an early adopter.

    Anyway, thanks again!

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    I've been using Dreamwever to upload my iweb site, cleanup code and optimize images. I initially was having the same problem with RSS feeds, but you can easily fix this by simply opening each page and highlighting the extra folder and deleting make sure you aslo edit the xml file in the same way.



    change to


    Hope this helps!

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    Here is my workaround for this problem:
    1. Name of your iWeb site should be the same as your site root folder on your server, for example MySite
    2. Publish your site to a folder on your computer, providing URL to your site, let's say http://www.mysite.com.
    3. Locate the published MySite folde ron your computer and copy the content of this folder to your MySite folder on the server.
    4. Copy MySite folder on the server and paste it to itself, nested like MySite/MySite.

    It works like a charm. I was able to submit podcasts to iTunes Music Store. RSS feed works great. You don't need to edit the published site externally.
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    Your explanation helped a ton. I am a total newbe at this and finally got it working properly. Here is what worked (for any others who need an RSS Subscribe for Dummies):

    1. In iWeb I titled my site "site." The title shows up in the Site Organizer (upper left corner).
    2. Published to an empty folder -- after publishing there was a file "index.html" and a folder "site."
    3. Used an ftp program to upload both file and directory to the root of my www folder (public_html for TotalChoiceHosting users).

    Works great!

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    I am interested in the way you are using Dreamweaver to edit your site.
    That link doesn't look anything like an iweb site.. is it ?
    Anyway I have a second hand copy of Dreamweaver 7 on the way to get me going and just bought a book from amazon which is suppose to make it easy to learn as i am a newbie. I am keen to learn dreamweaver and maybe use iweb and or rapidweaver as a springboard to get me up and running in the web design world.
    Someone put some flash in an iweb site here using Keynote and saving it as flash and adding it to their iweb site.. it looked really impressive so that will be another thing I want to try and add into iweb.
    So I was wondering if you could give us a few clues to your use or dreamweaver and iweb together.. any comments on what i am intending to do would be greatly appreciated.