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I've tried both person id and company id from my developer.apple.com profile but none of them work.

I always get "Please enter a valid vendor number" but I see no vendor number in the whole dev profile.


BTW, how is the tool, do you like it? Is it usable? I did not have a chance to see it in action yet...


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Solved by madeinipad.com on Sep 5, 2011 7:40 AM Solved

Hello quicker7,


go to itunes connect site and choose the "Sales and Trends" option.

There in the top left corner you should see name of your company prefixed by a vendorid which usually starts with number 8.


The tool does what it says, it is just a command line which downloads the sales report to your local filesystem. It can however download only one report per run thus it is a bit clumsy to setup an automated cron job.

I've written simple Bash script which checks local filesystem for already downloaded reports and runs the tool repeatedly for all the missing ones. You can get it from here http://ipaddevzone.com/bash-script-download-all-available-reports-using-apples-a uto-ingest-tool-itunes-connect-sales-tren


Enjoy it,


Reply by K T on Sep 5, 2011 7:46 AM Helpful

Log in to iTC....hit the 'Sales and Trends Reports' link....your name upper left should be followed by an 8-digit number that begins with 8.

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