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Is there a way to change the color of the calendar events when you are viewing the calendar in the Year View?

My wife and I both share each other's calendars. Her color is blue and mine is orange in the daily/weekly/monthly views it shows up with the corresponding colors. Yet, when I click on the year view I get this:




I can understand the days where we both have events listed being a different color, but it should at least display blue for the days that have events for her calendar and orange for mine but that's not the case. Any way to fix this? Or can someone explain to me why it shows these colors instead?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    just to add support to this discussion, as it seems a bit mental to totally disregard calendar colours. i could almost forgive it if it just didnt use any colour and only showed busy, but if its going to use separate colours, at least try and make them useful!


    I'm 'watching' this topic for some clever answers or a quick reply of 'software update fixes this crazy apple decision' (hopefully along with side bar icons in colour!)

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    I like it, scaling from yellow through to red depending on the number of entries that day.


    Would be nice if the colour reflected the amount of the day consumed, rather than the number of separate items.

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    So any news on year view colors?



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    Anyone got any latest news update of this?

    It makes absolutely no sense to me and makes year view poinless. I can't see multiple events.


    I can't believe how awfully regressive iCal is to be honest. It's not the mainstay of what I do but every time I use it I end up saying, "why the **** won't it let me do that?" or "why have they done THAT?"


    It's out of character with all the other Mac software that has always been useful and completely intuitive. ICal has been an orphan child for years and this Lion update has just papered over the cracks for me.


    How about allowing scrolling from one month to the next? How about running the months of the year into each other, especially  in year view? We don't make a big distinction between 30th June and 1st July in real life so why treat then as a separate page and block them out? It's so frustrating it makes me angry.


    I suppose it's like the arguments I used to have with PC users years ago. Yes it does everything, but it's not much fun doing it and fun has always been the Mac way.

    Come on Apple, look into this. It's not 3D modelling. It's a bloody calendar!

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    Yes, I have the same emotions and thoughts as you.  What is with the colored blocks in year view?  It does not even have a rhymn or reason with what is posted on those days.

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    This is what I just found:


    Year view: Click Year at the top of the iCal window to get an idea of when you’ll be more busy or less busy. Days with more events appear in a darker color in Year view.

    The current day and month are also displayed in Year view.

    Well, that is useless!!!