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From what I've read, a lot of people are having problems with the file sharing in iTunes for the iPad (under the apps tab), the problem is pervasive and goes back to last year.  I'm trying to back up all the files in the apps that support file sharing (Pages and Good Reader primarily).  Occasionally, one or two apps show up for a few seconds, long enough for me to use the "save to" function.  Normally, they show up as blank.  Anyone had any luck getting this to work?  I think its an iTunes bug.  I've tried closing iTunes, resyncing the iPad, disconnecting the iPad and reconnecting, even connecting the iPad from a powered down state.  None of it works.  I'm connecting to a Windows 7 computer (where all my music and movies are stored), but am considering trying to sync with my Macbook Pro, though I'm not sure what this will do (same iTunes account).


Using iTunes (latest version as of 9/5/11)

iPad 1, iOS version 4.3.5 (again, latest version)

iPad, Windows 7
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    tangobravozab wrote:


    Occasionally, one or two apps show up for a few seconds, long enough for me to use the "save to" function.  Normally, they show up as blank. 

    Do you mean that the files show up and not the apps? You should see the apps in the window under the File Sharing section of the apps tab in iTunes. You use the "save to" function with the files themselves. This is the one function that still works fine for me as long as the files are already in the documents window in iTunes.


    I have been using Pages for months on the iPad and my Mac, and it has been so long since I have been able to move a file from the iPad to iTunes using the "send to iTunes" option from the share and print section of the tools in Pages that I have given up. This worked flawlessly for me prior to the iOS 4.3.5 update and the previous iTunes and Pages '09 for Mac updates.


    This has really soured me on the most recent iTunes update and I will continue to put it off as long as I can. If software updates start causing problems, what's the use in downloading them?


    I hope you find a solution - I know I am stumped on my end.

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    The apps show up, not the files.  I plugged it into my Mac, didn't sync (because of the different library and would have wiped the iPad).  I was able to see the files in iTunes.  I went into Pages, Keynote, and Numbers and sent each to iTunes (that's a crappy design, Apple).  Those showed up when I plugged my iPad back into my Windows7 PC, as well as the Good Reader files (and I moved several over from my computer to the iPad, both in GR and Pages).  For some reason its working now, not sure how long it will.

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    Well I'm glad it works for you - at least for the time being. You're doing better than I am right now. I am fanatical about syncing, backing up, transferring apps, cycling the battery and all of the other recommended "maintenance" procedures for the iPad. I realize those things have nothing to do with this problem but my point is that I take great care of my iPad and I have a very good understanding of how this feature works so I know that what I am doing is correct.


    I have resigned myself to emailing the file to myself if I want to transfer it to my Mac. What a shame that one of the built in, basic, made to order features of the iOS on the Pad - that should be of great help to users - is so darn unreliable in the way that it works.