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Hi - Despite buying a game from the Mac App Store, I cannot leave a review.  I have seen other people with the same problem - anyone found out how to fix this.  I am currently being given the run around by the Mac App Store Customer Support, so I thought I would try here.

MacBook Pro/Macbook, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    Are you running in to issues with the program itself?  It might be best to try and contact the developer.

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    Hi - No, there is nothing wrong with game, I just want to leave a positive review on the Mac App Store.

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    Well I am now getting irritated with the mac app store 'customer service' - the latest advice is to uninstall and reinstall itunes - how is that going to help?  They are obviously working towards a script because one of the emails advised me to go back to the developer for help - all i want to do is leave a positive review for a game i have bought.  I can leave a review of Lion, but not the game.  I feel like I am back into a BT nightmare where it didnt matter what I said, they 'customer service' people just replied by script.  It is so frustrating not to be able to talk to a real person.  Bad form Apple.

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    Ok, finally got an answer from a supervisor:



    Thank you for reporting this issue. A number of our customers are experiencing a similar problem. Apple is currently working toward a resolution for the issue you have reported. Unfortunately I am unable to offer a timeframe as to when this issue will be resolved. I highly recommend you keep your Mac updated incase we release a newer patch for the Mac App Store.


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    I've been having the same problem... with the same response from Apple. I have a developer friend that has an app up on the Mac App Store. He's aware of at least three people who purchased and have attempted to write a review (including me) but it never appears or gets "accepted".


    The developer contacted apple about this. Apple responded by sending the reviewers here...



    Why iTunes support? Maybe the issue might have to do with the reviewer's account. Or they are in fact just reading from a script. I'm gonna go ahead and post something at iTunes support but have a suspicion I'll just be send back here.


    This is all very dissapointing as like any developer, he needs good reviews. Maybe Apple can put a little more into this... seems it would be worth the 30% cut they take.


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    That reply sounds the same as the reply world of Warcraft used to give for something thery have no intention of fixing.  A year so far Apple and 4 or so updates.