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I have an iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch3G and now an iPad 2, all set up exactly the same to send and receive email via multiple POP and IMAP accounts. All three devices send and receive to and from all accounts without issue. However, the iPhone and iPod offer true "push" capabilities, via 3G or WiFi (iPhone) or just WiFi (iPod). I get a tone that mail has arrived and a red/white number over the Mail icon displays the number of new unread messages, whether the Mail app is open or not. The iPad does not do this, I have to open the app at which point mail is downloaded to all accounts automatically. Now I read on one thread that the iPad does not perform any tasks in standby mode, I understand that, but it has all of the same setup options for "push" that my other two devices have, so I'm not sure what the issue is here.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Of course iPad has push, just like iPhone.  That said, when iPad is in standby and not receiving a wifi signal, mail will not push until you turn on wifi.  It has no way to receive mail without an active wifi signal.  Do you have your mail accounts set up to Fetch New Data?  In Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars, make sure you turn Push on if you want mail to push.

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    I have Push turned on.  My Fetch settings are currently set for "Manually", but that should be irrelevant if it is pushing correctly which it is not. The iPad is not receiving "pushed" e-mail when I am actively working on the iPad with a full WiFi signal.  It will only receive email when I open the mail app itself, at which point it automatically downloads all messages at that time.  Maybe that is the full extent of the iPad's "push" capabilities i.e. the Mail app has to be open?  Again, my iPhone and iPod both do "push" correctly on WiFi today, they will notify me of new email messages with a tone and number of new messages notification on the Mail app icon, for all of my email accounts, the iPad does not do this. So it does not behave like my iPhone or even my iPod.  The only other piece of data that I can think of no pun intended is that this is a 3G + WiFi iPad, but I am not signed up for or using 3G at this point, hopefully that is not the problem.

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    More info - on my iPhone, two out of four email accounts are Exchange, the other two are POP and IMAP.  For Exchange email accounts, there is another option to select "Push" versus "Fetch", but for POP and IMAP, you can only select "Fetch" versus "Manually".  Makes perfect sense, until you realize that I am still receiving "pushed" e-mail to those POP and IMAP accounts via iPhone and iPod, but not the iPad.  Makes no sense.  I just checked everything again, the settings are exactly the same all around.  The only conclusion that I can draw is that you simply have to have the Mail app open in order to "pull" new email.  Yes, it is really fast, as soon as I open the Mail app, all of that new mail downloads or is already downloaded, very fast, but that is not "push". that is "pull".  Is it possible that the combination of the Mail app as it exists on the iPad, plus WiFi, plus the use of non-Exchange email accounts, results in a "pull" versus "push" scenario as I am describing?  I mean, it all works, it just doesn't work like I am used to or how I would optimally like it to, but I can learn to live with it.  I want to exhaust any and all possibilities before giving up on "push", so any additional insights would be appreciated, thank you.

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    I'm not sure what else to offer and I do hope someone else chimes in.  I too have a wifi only iPad 2.  All my mailboxes push mail to me exactly as they do on my iPhone and when a new message is received, I hear the new mail message beep.  Plus, the mail icon shows how many unread messages I have waiting for me.  I have my work email (exchange), my Yahoo mail, my MobileMe mail and I even figured out how to set up Hotmail as exchange. 


    I'm sorry I can't help you more, but I'm kind of stumped. 

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    Same issue here. IOS 5 did not resolve. Did you ever figure this out?

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    Same issue with me after downloading IOS5. I use to also get my number of e-mails on the icon, now I have to open mail to get new mail.  Hope they fix this issue.  I have the ipad2