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I own iPad 1. I want to delete some apps and Safari bookmarks from iPad sceren. When I Click and hold the button on the face of the ipad (on icons) they do no flash or start flickering.


So to remove apps i have to use iTunes (where it flickers). I read it should work same on iPad as well. What could be the problem?

iPad, iOS 4.3.3
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    If you press and hold any of the apps then after a couple of seconds or so they should start to shake, not flash or flicker. Then press the 'x' in the left corner to delete the ones that you don't want, and when you've finished deleting press the home button so as to stop the shaking. You cannot delete any of the Apple built-in apps e.g. iPod, App Store, Game Centre etc. If you don't get the 'x' on any of the apps that you've downloaded then check that Settings > General > Restrictions > Deleting Apps isn't set 'off'.


    Do they not shake if you hold them for a couple of seconds ?

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    Thank King_Penguin,


    Yeah I mean Shake... It is not happening.


    Moreover my iPad doesn't show "Restriction" option in Settings > General

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    Is the iPad yours, or is it provided by your company ? Companies can remove or hide options on the iPad - in which case you'll need to ask them to restore the functionality back to the iPad