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I am trying to get Lion to reshare folders from an NFS mount via AFP.


In 10.6 this was fairly straight forward. However in Lion I am running into all sorts of problems



Here is what I have done:


NFS share from FreeNAS, using LDAP to bring in Open Directory UIDs/GIDs.


NFS share is mounted on our Lion Mac Mini, and i can read/write files/folders from the mac mini.


In Server, in File Sharing, I have created several shares of folders in the NFS mount, and everything seems to go alright.


However, when I connect to the server from a client machine, I see shares from the local harddrive, but none of the shares from the NFS mount show up.


However from SMB, I can see the shares, but if I try to access them, it fails.


Any ideas? I have googled this for the last week, and no one seems to be posting about any issues like I am having, however, it may just be that resharing NFS with AFP isnt very popular.



Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    I'm also experiencing this exact same issue. Anyone have any suggestions?



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    Same issue for me. I can mount the NSF share using disk utility but it won't show up via arp, smb, or WebDAV.

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    I deleted the share on both my ReadyNAS and on the LIon server then started again. This time I:


    1. On ReadyNAS - Created a share (testnfs)
    2. On ReadyNAS - shared testnfs via nfs, set root access to ip address of Lion server
    3. On Lion Server - Open Disk Utility and select 'File > NFS Mounts'
    4. On Lion Server - Mount nfs://url_of_ReadyNAS/testnfs as /Volumes/testnfs left all other options alone
    5. On Lion Server - in Finder, go to /Volumes and check testnfs has mounted with r/w permissions
    6. On Lion Server - in Server app, go to file sharing and share testnfs (I selected afp, smb and webdav)
    7. On Client - in Finder, connect to Lion server (i tried with afp://url_of_Lion_Server, smb://url_of_Lion_Server and https://url_of_Lion_Server/webdav and see the testnfs share as one of the options

    All good so far.


    The problem I'm no facing is that I can't rename the files on testnfs from the client. I can create/delete and open files and folders ok. I guess this is something to do with permissions.


    Any ideas?

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    Did some more playing around this afternoon. It seems that the export from the ReadyNAS needs to be set as:


    "/testnfs" IP_address_of_Lion_Server(insecure,insecure_locks,rw,no_root_squash,async)


    I can do this by disabling default access and adding the Lion Server IP address both as a "write-enabled host" and a "root-privilege enabled" host. I guess the FreeNAS interface allows for the same settings.


    I can now rename, edit, delete, create to my hearts content. Even works from webdav.


    Final hint: you may need to change permissions for any files already in the nfs reshare.

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    oh dear, spoke to soon. Permissions for files created on the share seem to be 744 i.e. only owner can change an existing file or folder. I need to work out how to make this 770 so I can create a group folder on the nfs share, accessible via webdav. Note: ACLs don't seem to work on my ReadyNAS so it will have to be done via POSIX permissions.

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    The webdav problem is a known issue. There's a workaround here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3282083

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    No luck with the same try: NFS-Share from Linux System with

    /nfsexport LionServerIP(insecure,insecure_locks,rw,no_root_squash,async,nosubtree_check)


    mounted /nfsexport via DiskUtility to /Volumes/nfs


    used Server.app to share this volume - but I cannot access it.

    From Mac (AFP) I cannot "see" the share, via SMB I can see it, but get access denied.


    I don`t know how you managed this - maybe someone else has a hint how to reshare NFS via AFP with 10.7.3 Lion Server?


    Help appreciated