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    Wish I had known this 14 months ago when I bought the iMac. My magic mouse has same issue. Parked itself in top left corner of screen and refused to budge. Tried all remedies posted in this thread. Managed to get cursor out of the corner with a USB mouse. Taps, scrolls, clicks, two finger swipes all work. But no tracking. 2 months out of warranty. So it's out of pocket if I want a trackpad. Biting into these bad apples is beginning to turn me off apples!

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    Sadly I must report the apparent death of another magic mouse, approx 18mths old. I have tried most of the previous suggestions to no avail. Having read the number of rodents others have gone through I am somewhat reluctant to spend again...currently using an at least ten year old MS Intellimouse. May not have the functionality of the MM, however it works. Come on Apple!

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    I just tried blowing into the laser part of the mouse and it started working I don;t know if thats coicidence or what... still think I'm gonna bring it into the apple store for a new one, but that was strange how it just started working again after that...

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    Goes without saying, I am having the same issue, although my mouse is a couple years old, it started to act up in the first year. One possibility that hasn't been mentioned is surface compatibility


    When mine starts to stall or jitter, my first instict is to turn it over and blow on it. When this solution stopped working reliably, I removed the mousepad I was using and just used the tabletop surface. This worked for several months, then the cursor stopped responding. Tried a mousepad which again worked for a brief period.Now, the only surface that seems to work is a magazine with a slightly toothy cover (as opposed to slick or glossy). As the toothiness wears down, the mouse stops working and I turn the magazine to an unused section.


    My old usb Magic Mouse works on just about any surface (too bad the scroll ball is the weak, nonworking part of those)


    I did think codyf1 was onto something, but couldn't find  "Monitor Connection RSSI" in the mouse system preferences, maybe because I am still using Snow Leopard (10.6.8).


    I have another MM only slightly newer (ie, well past warranty) that I use with my Macbook Pro in my studio, and have never had an issue that blowing air on it, or wiping down the desk surface didn't solve. The surface is cheap laminate desktop, but it does have a bit of tooth and it's dull.


    So the changing the surface the mouse is being used on may help, at least for awhile.

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    My Magic Mouse encountered with this problem 3 days ago. By using all possible method but fail, I tried another method. I put my Magic Mouse into a dry cabinett. And gues what, it works fine after two days! Suggest this method for every one that is worth a try!

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    Mine just stopped working too. Remaining functionality is Mouseclick and to move the cursor. Tracking's gone. Fortunately I still have a valid AppleCare treaty, maybe this is covered. As I use this Mouse to control the Volume of Video Playback remotely and thus used it only once or twice a week since July 2011 I am pretty dissapointed by this failure.

  • tomasio Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    Brought it to an Apple Servicepartner where it was replaced during my AppleCare guarantee w/o problems.

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    Same problem here. So sad.

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    I had the same problem and thanks to google i ended up here. I tried everything but was coming up with a blank. Would not move on either macbook pro or imac.

    I then opened mouse preferences and with my trackpad, positioned the curser just on the edge of the speed slider then with the magic mouse i clicked and it immediately started to work. I then went back to macbook pro and disconnected and reconnected and it was working. That was  a few days ago and all is still well. The mm is about 2 years old.

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    This solution solved my problem, thx.

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    Have had Magic Mouse for 6 years.  Mine just stopped working.  I cleaned the lenses etc. with a Q tip and now it is working just fine

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    I had exactly the same problem. Gestures fine, cursor frozen.

    Tried every possible solution suggested on the web (SMC/Pram reset, removing preference files, cleaning the mouse, changing batteries, turning of bluetooth, etc.) Nothing worked.


    Eventually i went to an apple store and my magic mouse worked fine there.

    When i got back from the store, my mouse worked again. No idea why. Probably turning it off for a longer period of time or moving out of reach of the mac.

    The 'genius' at the apple store said it could be any type of interference from having a printer nearby, to any type of bluetooth device.

    His advice: check for possible interfering devices and do a clean install, if all else fails. Luckily it wasn't needed.


    In my case no defective mouse as some have suggested here.

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    Turned out to be defective after all. Few days later the problem came back. But this time the magic mouse wouldn't work on other macs either.

    So had to send it in to get it fixed.

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    Add two more magic mice to the list. I have had two just die within weeks of each other. I tried everything to no avail.

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    This Mac OS X: How to start up in single-user or verbose mode worked for me! I’ve removed the mouse from the list of bluetooth devices first