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I know there are still some bugs, but I just want to give this thing some props!  The new desktop interface (Mission Control and Launchpad) coupled with the extremely intuitive new swipe gestures have really increased my productivity!  There was a brief learning curve, but after that, just ease of use.  Obviously there are problems with Versions and the removal of Save As, but I think Apple will come out the right way in the end.


Let me point out, though: If you are the kind of person who carries a little mouse around with you because you hate using the trackpad on your laptop so much, you probably won't appreciate the new features in Lion.  Also, if you're the kind of person who thinks the interface on the iPhone is difficult to use, you probably won't like Lion either, at least in its default configuration.  Lion takes the trackpad to the next level - instead of being an inconvenience on the laptop, suddenly you have so much functionality from the trackpad that you long for one on your desktop!  In fact, no exaggeration, I have spent the last month working exclusively on my dinky slowish MacBook instead of on my fully loaded Mac Pro desktop rig, specifically because I can't remember how I lived without the new trackpad functions.


I do have the Apple "Magic Mouse" for the desktop, and some of the new gestures sort of work on it.  But not as well as on the actual trackpad.  Once I wear out the Magic Mouse (I usually go through a mouse a year), I am seriously considering going mouseless and adding a Magic Trackpad to my desktop rig.

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    I bought both the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse to use with my MacMini. Both of these replaced a wired Kensington Trackball. WIthin a week the Magic Mouse earned a place on my storage shelf along side the Kensington Trackball.

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    I own both as well - got a "refurbed" MagicMouse for 1/2 off and the MagicTrackpad for my birthday. I move back and forth between them on my desktop most of the time using the trackpad but somehow when I'm using Photoshop the mouse just feels more right.