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Got a new (to me) macbook pro.


It came with ilife (old version) and i installed iphoto, etc etc


The iphoto i have is Version 8.0


I apparently needed some upgrades (RAW compatibility upgrades) to see my RAW photos and videos taken on some newer cameras.


I can't upgrade from iphoto 8.0 though, since all the upgrades require me to have iphoto 9.0 or later installed. And I can't seem to download iphoto 9.0 anywhere. All the iphoto updated downloads i find are version 9.xxx and those require you to already have 9.0 installed.


Why is it this complicated?


Any ideas as to how to bring my iphoto 8.0 (installed from an older ilife CD) up to date so i can actually see and work with my pictures? I'm guessing i am about to go through the same ordeal with iMovie.




I upgraded my system to 10.6.7... a fight in itself

iPhoto '08, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    You need to purchase iPhoto 9, either as part of iLife 11 or from the Mac App Store.



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    Just to make it more confusing iPhoto '09 is version 8.x.x and iPhoto '11 is version 9.x.x - I am assuming that you have iPhoto '11 on your new MBP and iPhoto '09 on your existing system - to upgrade from iphoto '09 to '11 you must purchase either iLife '11 on DVD or purchse the desired programs (iPhoto '11 & iMovie '11) from the App store  --  any time the first digit of the version changes it is a upgrade that must be purchased



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    If you also use iWeb and iDVD I recomment you get the iLife 11 boxed verson from Apple's online store.


    That will give you all of the latest iApps including iWeb and iDVD on disk which will make it easy to do a reinstall if there's ever a need or install iLife on a new computer which will not have iWeb or iDVD.