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We have had the Ipad2 for a couple of weeks and today my wife was using Safari to go to Verizon wireless website when it was hijacked to go to securedconfirmation.com.  It pops up saying congratulations you are NY winner for September 8th click "Ok" to select prize.  We have not clicked ok.  But we cannot get rid of this and cannot use Safari.  I went into settings for Safari and cleared history, cache etc.  Turned the Ipad off and back on with no luck.  Would like to avoid a reset.  I thought this was not supposed to happen with Apple products?  Any help greatly appreciated.

iPad 2, iOS 4.3.3
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    Sounds like the website and not your iPad was hijacked.

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    Apple products can visit websites with simple pop-over adverts just the same as any other web browsing product can.


    Force the browser to close by following the instructions here http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1445 and continue using it as normal.


    Not every unexpected occurance on an electronic device is malware. Windows users seem predisposed to always think this though...

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    That may be but why after shutting down the Ipad, clearing all history can I not use Safari.  Tap on Safari and it automatically pops up with that message from securedconfirmation.com, it is impossible to use Safari.  Searching for this issue in other areas and all I could find was a post on a Comcast forum with this issue two days (not with Ipad but with securedconfirmation.com).

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    I would try a reset.  Nothing will be lost.

    Reset iPad:  Press and hold the On/Off Sleep/Wake button and the Home

    button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

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    This is not a windows vs Apple discussion.  It is not a simple pop up advertisement, the pop up message looks just like any other message from Ipad, like selecting a wireless network message.  Safari goes dim in the background and it is impossible to use without clicking "ok".

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    Close Safari.

    Tap Home once to get to the Home screen.

    Double tap Home to view the Recents list at bottom.

    Tap and hold any icon until they wiggle then tap the MiunMinus sign at top left of Safari.

    Tap Home again then tap Safari to launch it.

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    Thank you for the suggestions, tried the reset and then did the minus sign suggestion, neither worked.  It does seem like this is more serious then just a pop up advertisement.

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    Probably best to just bring it back to the store to see if they can do something, I did purchase the Apple Care.  Just rather disappointing.

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    After you have completely closed safari-go to settings, clear the cache and cookies.

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    Thanks Johnathan unfortunately I already tried that.

    To review what I have done: Gone to settings and cleared history, cache and cookies, 2. Shut down and started up; 3. Did Reset (holding down the power button and the home button) 4.  Did the tap the minus sign on Safari in recent apps.  None of those scenarios work.  It pops right back up as soon as I tap on Safari.

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    I tried going to securedconfirmation.com on my pc with firefox and it does pop up with the message that you are a winner in Massachusetts and to click ok.  I of course did not click ok and was able to get out of the website no problem.

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    I got further clarification from my wife on the address she typed in, she was checking verizon for her father and he had verizonwirelessonline.com as the website.  When you type that in it immediately redirects you to this securedconfirmation.com.  In Firefox it does not seem to be a problem to just close the tab and move on.  But I am stuck with this on the Ipad.  I thought maybe syncing it with Itunes might get rid of it, but that did not get rid of it.  I would hate to do a restore back to factory settings.

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    You could try restoring your iPad from a backup (assuming you have been backing up your iPad). 

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    Problem gone! I tested the site on IE and Firefox by clicking ok and nothing happened, was able to get out of the site.  So on the Ipad I clicked ok to claim the prize and it disappeared and then I was able to delete the site from the recent history.  It is just a phishing scheme.  Not sure why it would get so stuck on the Ipad though.