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I upgraded my PC to Win 7 and used a different computer name... Now the only thing changed is the OS....  Unfortunately when I did this I lost all my data files as I did a clean system recovery before the upgrade.  I lost all my files except for the ones I backed up but I did not think I had to back up my itunes library....


I tried to connect my iPad to the new OS and I got the message that the computer had to be authorized...  When I started to do that ... I got the message that my library on the iPad would be erased....  This is totally upsetting as I have two movies on the iPad that I would loose if I did this....


I surely hope there is a way to not erase my iPads library and have it update the library on my PC.

iPad, Windows 7
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    If you are using the same Apple ID that you used in the past, try this.


    Authorize the computer - but do not connect the iPad while authorizing - just launch iTunes and authorize. Then go to the menu at the top and go to Edit>Preferences>Devices. In the window at the bottom, check the box next to Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from automatically syncing. Now you can connect the iPad and right click on the iPad name in the sidebar and select Transfer Purchase. This will transfer the purchased content on the iPad to your iTunes library.


    While you still connected and before you sync, right click on the iPad name again and select Backup. If you have transfered the rest of your iTunes library to the PC or if the remainder of your iTunes content is still intact in iTunes, you can sync as well.


    When you are done you can go back to the preferences and turn auto syncing back on again if you choose to do so.

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    Thanks for the suggestions...  BUT... after I do the transfer, then the back up the two movies I did not purchased from iTunes are still not showing up in my PC library, and if I try to sync... I get the warning that they will be erased as they are not on the PC...


    The real question is... can I transfer the two movies to my PC some how... right now it appears that they are lost...  BOY DOES THIS SUCK.

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    You did not purchase the movies from the iTunes store then? Is that correct? Where did the movies come from and how did you get them onto the iPad?


    See if this will work for you.



    Remember don't sync - as if I have to tell you that - but see what happens here. If you can get the movies to the PC you should then be able to drag them into your iTunes library.

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    I have a video converter that riped the files from a dvd... into m4v file format so I could play them on my iPad.


    Unfortunately the DvD's are lost at this point ... or I would just do it again.......


    AND.. of cource I did not sync...  I still have them on my iPad at this time.

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    Wow. You really got it both ways - no sync - no DVD's. I don't know if you looked at the support site at all and I'm not sure that will work with ripped DVD content but you can try it. There are software programs for the PC and the Mac that will transfer all content back to your computer from the iPad but they come with a cost. You can Google something like "transfer from iPad to computer without iTunes" and you can find a number of apps that you can look at. I'm not sure how they work but you can see what you think.

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    Thanks for your time and suggestions....

    I just found out from apple tele support that I cannot transfer non-purchased content from my iPad to my PC... NO WAY... NO HOW.... finally an answer from Apple...


    Which *****...


    I will check out those transfer programs.  I have already seen one for > $59.00 


    At any rate.. thanks again for your support.


    Good luck and Be well