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Just read this caveat in the best explanation I found so far about how to sync photos


3. You CANNOT delete your photos once they are sync'd to theiPad if you plan to sync your iPad again in the future. So if you have a foldercalled c:\Photos, and you are auto downloading your photos from your digicaminto that folder, and it auto creates a folder called likec:\Photos\2010-06-05...if you DELETE that folder called 2010-06-05 and all thephotos, and then sync again, iTunes will recognize that folder is no longer inyour library and will REMOVE any photos that were previously contained in thatfolder from your iPad. Once your photos are on the iPad or on iTunes,that does not mean you can delete them!!!! If you delete them, iTunes willdelete them from your iPad the next time you sync that folder!


Surely there is a work-around for restoring deleted photos! gotta be.

Maybe delete the cache in iTunes?

Rename folders?

rename photos?

Crop photos?

Resize photos?

Did find some comments in this forum suggesting that there are ways to restore deleted photos, but none seemed to really acknowledge there is an issue, and some mentioned "camera roll" which I don't understand at all. I'd really like to put all my photos on iPad, then work with it beside the computer as I organize photos to make albums that are not too long and become interesting slide shows.  I want to feel free to play around, delete, restore...I am fine with fixing up photo collection, taking all off iPad and then putting on all over with new organization - but i don't want to clog my iPad which is getting pretty full already.

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