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Ian R. Brown Level 6 Level 6 (18,580 points)

This was easy in FCP 7.


I could import a number of slides of x seconds duration, select them all and drop them in the "Insert with transition" box in the Canvas.


A hundred slides of a selected duration could be made into a video complete with transitions in the time it takes to write this.


I can't find a way to do this in FCP X.


1. I can import the slides of a chosen duration but when I select them all and drag them to the timeline they all revert to 10 seconds.


2. I can find no way of adding transitions other than one at a time.


3. Nor can I find any way of adding the Ken Burns effect to multiple photos.


I know that for high quality presentations I need to treat each picture individually and lavish loving care and attention on it, but occasionally there are times when it is necessary to make a quick but moderately impressive presentation in minutes rather than hours, days, weeks  .  .  .  .


I could do all that in FCP 7.


Can it be done in FCP X or will I have to rely on the good old stalwart?