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Yeah like the topic said my songs are always much lower in volume than the other music i listen to, how can this be?

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    Frankensten wrote:


    Yeah like the topic said my songs are always much lower in volume than the other music i listen to, how can this be?

    How can it not be?


    How much audio experience do you have?

    Do you understand how to use compression & limiting?

    Have you looked at you final bounced waveform compared to a commercial track?


    My advice is to go over to youtube and type in       Mastering Audio


    Don't forget, commercial music has been "mastered" using equipment that cost thens of thousands of dollars and often (but not always) experienced professionals.

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    Try out a maximizer plug-in. Logic does not have one.

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    Leonard Johnson1 wrote:


    Try out a maximizer plug-in. Logic does not have one.


    Perfect, a great way to learn nothing...

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    Here's something!


    Perfect! A great way to not learn anything...

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    The byproduct of Apple loops is musical and technical atrophe. BTW who can afford an arm and a leg for mastering. I need to be able to play the instruments and walk when I'm feeling inspired. Let's hope the New Logic will have 2TB's of nauseating APPLE LOOPS!!!

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    Huh? What about the AdLimiter? Though it is not called a Maximizer, it is!

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    ...or just try the limiter on any of the compression plug ins?

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    It's true, there is no substitute for sending your mixes to a mastering engineer at a mastering house.  But for rough mixes, just so the next track on your ipod doesn't blow your speakers because you had to crank up the stereo for your track, try a compressor with a preset followed by an ad limiter with a preset on the output channel and adjust the levels until the volume is somewhat comparable to commercial music.

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    You have got a bit of a mauling from your less than helpful Logic community.


    Basically, when you mix audio in the conventional sense as you are doing, you are making sure the sum of all tracks does not exceed 0dB.  Kicks and Snares and the odd sharp attack of a vocal/guitar/keyboard are always going to take you up to that level so when everything is playing in your final mix, the quieter parts are going to remain just that...quiet.


    In order to make your music sound overall 'louder', like it does on the radio/cd's, you use clever processing that a) momentarily reduces the volume of the louder sounds and b) increases the volume of the quieter parts.


    The 2 processing tools at your disposal for this magic are a) Limiters and b) Compressors


    I am not going to describe the physics behind what these 2 do to the sound, as the Logic Pro Help chapter does a fine job, but for a short solution to your needs try the following.


    Insert a multiband compressor and an adaptive limiter in your master output (in that order).  For starters, try one of the menu options for an initial setting and adjust to taste on each one - The 'Add Density' option on the adaptive limiter is a pretty good starter for instantaneous volume.


    There you go!  A significantly 'perceivably' louder mix with the meters still remaining less or equal to 0dB


    Top tip.  Most music systems don't have speakers capable of producing sound below 40Hz.  Insert an EQ in your master bus before the compressors and adaptive limiters and roll off everything below 40Hz.  You will discover a whole load of energy that is imperceptible to the mix disappears from the mix allowing an even louder mix output.


    =Excessive use of limiters can cause something similar to having one's head put in a vice .....repeatedly on every beat.

    =Unless of course, you are a sub-bass junkie

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    @Leonard Jonhson1,


    Logic does have a "maximizer" it is the Adaptative Limiter.


    Please read this article:

    http://documentation.apple.com/en/logicstudio/effects/index.html#chapter=4%26sec tion=2%26tasks=true