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Just bought a brand new Mac Mini and decided to run Software Update. It gave me a coupe of minor updates. Now in the opened the Mac App Store and it lists updates from July 11 for the 3 iLife 11 apps. However, when I hit update all or individually try to update them, nothing happens. The spinning ball goes for a bit but that is it. Eventually just stops. I have rebooted and shut down the Mac App Store. No updates show up in the Software update tool.


My version numbers are as follows:

iPhoto installed =

Update available = 9.1.5


iMovie installed =

Update available = 9.0.4


GarageBand installed =

Update available = 6.0.4


When I actually opened GB it said there was a download, but then software update ran and didn't find one.


I know it should show up both in the MAS and in SU. What gives?


BTW I also just checked to see what version of Lion I am running. 7.0 with no update available for the latest version.

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    I know it should show up both in the MAS and in SU.

    Only updates for apps you downloaded from the Mac App Store will be available from the MAS.


    If you purchased the iLife suite of software (bundled), those updates will be available from your Apple menu / Software Update.

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    Thanks for the help. Let me say that I've never purchased the iLife apps and the computer was a brand new mac mini and there were updates in the Mac App store.


    For some reason the computer would not download the 10.7.1 update (wouldn't show up in software update) and that was required before it would let me update the 3 ilife apps. I called Apple Support via phone and they had me correct permissions, verify the disk, reinstall Lion and that fixed it. I was able to downlaod the 10.7.1 update and then update the three ilife apps from the Mac App Store.