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Just upgraded to the new Lion on my IMAC.  Also I have been running the latest version of "little snitch" (2.4.2).

I noticed that I have been getting a lot of messages pop up about "applepushserviced." Little Snitch offers me the option to deny or allow the applepushserviced to continue, however I am hesitant to deny them because I am afraid they might be something important. I am not a computer/

Mac whiz but also I am worried the applepushserviced might be an indicator my computer is being hacked. I googled the applepushserviced but

really could not find an explanation I could understand. Could someone enlighten me, in laymens terms, as to what this is and whether or not I should

be concerned.



Reply by Colin Robinson on Sep 9, 2011 2:06 PM Helpful
applepushserviced -- Apple Push Notification service daemon


It's something that runs in the background and is part of OS X. There's not much in the Developer library for this:

http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/ man8/applepushserviced.8.html



Colin R.

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