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when attempting to locate dns entries in terminal, i get the response, "Unable to get details from the cache node." Now when I flush the dns, which is my ultimate goal, there is no response. I would like to confirm that the flush has worked and also see what remains in the "buckets" and "entries" within this region. can anyone help me? i'm not a computer whiz... just trying wipe down the computer and make sure it runs smoothly/correctly. i'm using lion on a mbp. thanks.

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    You need to issue the following command in Terminal:


         sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder


    You can check that the DNS cache has flushed by checking the system.log in Console, where the following should appear:


         Mar 21 13:45:50 MacBook-Pro mDNSResponder[12]: SIGHUP: Purge cache