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Please I need to help me recover Lion on my MBA.


Here are the steps that messed things up:

- used boot camp to install windows 7 along side with the lion

- from within windows, i allocated space to create a third partition (to use from both boots)

- it asked to change all partitions to "dynamic" disks, and it did so

- MBA would not boot any more


What i did:

- tried recovery from utilities, it does not appear anymore

- tried network recovery for Lion, always giving me the error : "-2105F apple support"

- tried reinstalling windows from an external CD drive to the drive where it was originally installed, then ran some utilities to convert the disk back to basic. It did change, but the same problem !


What I need:

- a way to recover my Lion OS, or some way to download a copy of Lion for free (since i already wanna use it the MBA that comes with Lion)


- a way to overcome the "-2105 error" in network recovery.


Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance !

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)