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Thinking of upgrading my Powerbook G4 1.25 Ghz running Tiger 10.4.11.  What are the minimum hardware requirements for Leopard 10.1 - 10.5.  If I buy an early version, like 10.5.1 will the upgrades for Leopard become available after installing?  The prices I have seen for this OS are all the way from $30 to $200. Why is there such a range?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. Click here.

    2. Yes.



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    Your system can handle the update according to these specs, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3759  How to install the OS, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1544  This is a place you can buy the original DVD version.  http://www.techrestore.com/xcart/product.php?productid=18240&cat=437&page=1  This is not sold by Apple thus you are buy old stock from a retail store and I am sure the price different's is supply and demand and some of the versions could be copies which are illegal.  Buy from a retail store that has a sealed copy. 

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    The G4 Powerbook will mach the system requirements to run Leopard (10.5.x).

    Leopard can run on older hardware as long as they have a G4 upgrade installed running at the 867 MHz or faster, have at least 9 GB free of hard drive space, 512 MB RAM and have a DVD drive.


    It's not necesary to start with 10.5.0, you may use the last available stage of Leopard.

    Remember that prior to install Leopard you check that the G4 upgrade is installed on your system.


    Also make sure that you got a real retail disk.


    The widely range of prices depends mostly on "lets try it with 200"




    Cheers - Lupunus

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    *Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installation system requirements*



    Leopard is no longer available at the Apple Store *but may be available by calling Apple Phone Sales @ 1-800-MY-APPLE (1-800-692-7753)*.


    Installing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard



    Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Installation and Setup Guide



    After you install the base 10.5, download & install the 10.5.8 combo update at http://support.apple.com/downloads/Mac_OS_X_10_5_8_Combo_Update


    If I buy an early version, like 10.5.1 will the upgrades for Leopard become available after installing? 


    The update to 10.5.8 (above) is free.


    The prices I have seen for this OS are all the way from $30 to $200. Why is there such a range?



    Apple's price is $129. Due to the limited supply, some seller charge more. The $30 installer may be a gray disk which will only work on specific models. A retail version is black with a gray X. You need a retail version that can be used on any Mac.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Leopard requirements/10.5.x...


        *  Mac computer with an Intel, PowerPC G5, or PowerPC G4 (867MHz or faster) processor


    minimum system requirements


        * 512MB of memory (I say 1.5GB for PPC at least, 2-3GB minimum for IntelMacs)

        * DVD drive for installation

        * 9GB of available disk space (I say 30GB at least)


    Trouble is finding it since Apple no longer sells is, I've seen redudused pices on eBay lately, but make sure it's the Black Retail version, & not a Grey Intel only version.

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    Thanks Neil (and all who responded) rapid response and for the information.

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner.  (I had difficulty with my password.)  I'll be checking out some black retail copies. Some posted on e-bay have (OLD VERSION) along with the title.  Is this to be avoided or is it the one I need?


    Also I didn't mention this before but I'm trying to access a windows only piece of software (car service manual).  I was going to get an emulator for the G4.  Am I headed in the right direction here?



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    1. That doesn't matter. Only the disk color does.

    2. No. Use Virtual PC or the Q emulator.